Sunday, July 12, 2009

Menu Plan Monday ~ Week of 7/13

Unfortunately, the relaxing, lazy week we so enjoyed last week is a thing of the past. Time to get busy again. The next few weeks have lots of stuff going on, but I'm planning some long, lazy days in August!

I really have to spend some time this week at least thinking about getting ready for BlogHer. I need to pick up a few things, decide what I'm going to wear and start thinking about what to pack for the kids. (They'll be staying at my parents' house while I'm at the conference.) We leave a week from Wednesday.

On Sunday we are having Alex's 5th birthday party. It's a few days before his birthday, but since we'll be spending his actual birthday in the car driving to Chicago, this seemed like a good idea. I am so excited for this party. It's only family, but there will be 19 people total, I believe.

We're going with a baseball theme since Alex is all about baseball this year. I have my menu pretty much planned out (see below), but I would love some other suggestions that would fit the theme.


  • M - Tuna pasta, carrot sticks
  • T - Quesadillas, strawberries
  • W - Veggie roll-ups, yogurt
  • Th - Hummus & pitas, pears, celery sticks
  • F - Pizza pockets, blueberries
  • S - Leftovers
  • Su - I might give the kids something small to nibble on if they're hungry, but I'm not planning for lunch since we'll be eating dinner early for the party.
  • M - Summer Chicken Primavera
  • T - Beef & rice enchiladas w/ pepper-jack sauce, salad
  • W - Blackened chicken, some kind of potato dish, green beans
  • Th - Sweet & Sour meatball kabobs, rice
  • F - Lasagna Roll-Ups, garlic bread
  • S - TBD
  • Su - The Party
And here's what I have planned for the party so far:
  • Black bean & mango salsa nachos (in the little food service cardboard holders)
  • Hot dogs in buns, individually wrapped in foil like you'd get at a baseball game
  • peanuts in the shell
  • boxes of Cracker Jack
  • fruit kabobs
  • some kind of pasta salad
  • homemade lemonade
  • cake pops decorated like baseballs
  • ice cream cups
Need help with your menu planning? Stop by Stolen Moments Menu Planning and let me plan your menu for you.

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FishMama 11:21 PM  

Fun bday party ideas! A fun alternative to cake pops would be white cupcakes with red stitches. We did that for a tball party once.

Brook 3:55 AM  

carrot stick bats and yogurt raisin balls

Michelle 5:29 AM  

big pretzels with cheese dip and/or mustard.

One year in St. Louis I got to go to Cardinals media day, where they let us all go nuts ordering whatever we wanted, and your list is exactly that, but I do remember everyone eating those pretzels.

Sounds like a fun theme!

Sue 9:56 AM  

It does sound like you have a busy week ahead with a trip to Chicago to plan, a birthday party and all those preparations! Hope it's a good one for you!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki 12:42 PM  

Sweet and sour kabobs sound yummy!


The Mangerchine's 5:51 PM  

I love your menu for the party!!!


Victoria 9:00 PM  

Soft Pretzels is a great idea.

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