Thursday, July 16, 2009

Resurrecting Old-Fashioned Habits

Our condo is immediately surrounded by the homes of three elderly women. We love these women, and they love us. They enjoy watching the kids play, know them all by name, give them little Christmas gifts, and basically treat them like their own grandchildren.

Eric is the go-to guy when one of them needs something done around her home. He loves his role as protector and helper for these women.

Sometimes it feels like something from the good old days when neighbors weren't afraid to ask each other for help and knew each other more than just in passing. It's a wonderful thing!

And what a finer thing it was earlier this week when I was in the middle of baking and realized I was out of baking powder. Without hesitation, I grabbed a measuring cup and asked Isabelle to run next door and ask if we could borrow 2 teaspoons worth. The other three begged to go with as well, so I opened the door and watched them all walk next door. When that neighbor didn't answer the door, I told them to go ahead and go to the next house. Ten minutes later they came back with my two teaspoons of baking powder and chattering about all the neat things at Miss Virginia's house.

As much as we can not wait to move, Eric and I know it will be a sad, sad day when we move away from these wonderful women.

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The Real Me! 6:30 AM  

That's how our neighbors are. We have an 87 year old Japanese woman that lives next door and my husband is her go to guy and when we were trying to move a year ago it just about broke her heart. So as sad it is going to be for you it will probably be even harder for them.
Wow did that make you feel better? LOL. But I know you will be a blessing to them right now and that's what matters.
But I also believe that the Lord will send another wonderful family to take your place in their lives.
Wow I'm really trying to make up for my comment. How am I doing? LOL.
Maybe I should just delete it and start over and just say something like.
Great post! LOL
Oh it's early and I'm slap happy can you tell?
Alright, I'm shuttin' up!

Amy Lynne 8:07 AM  

That is so great! We need to get to know our new neighbors better!

Tara 8:18 AM  

I was so sad to find that our neighborhood has very few "older" people when we moved here. I remember what you are describing from the days when I grew up. But, I know this gives us the opportunity to be neighborly to young families like ours too.

Susan 8:46 AM  

I agree completely! I grew up in a neighborhood where everyone knew each other and helped each other out. We've been lucky that the neighbors on our street are the same way.

Just last weekend our neighbor dropped off a BIG pack of diapers for our baby, because she hadn't needed them when her grandkids visited. So thoughtful of her!!

I'm Just a Girl 9:26 AM  

I love this post. It reminds me of the way my sisters and I grew up. Waving to the cars passing by, sleeping with the doors, I miss being a kid!

Sue 1:14 PM  

We have neighbors like that too here. Our next door neighbor brings over extras of baking she's just made (she's a single woman in her early 30's) and my hubby is the go-to-guy for a widow who lives a couple doors down. It's taken us a LONG time to feel that neighborly feeling but you're right... it's great to feel community in your neighborhood. It's something that's gotten lost a lot lately!

Anonymous,  5:48 PM  

Hi Kate,
I have good neighbors too. It sure makes a big difference. I am ready to do a week in my kitchen post for you when you have an opening.Just let me know.

Amy @ Finer Things 3:14 PM  

Love my neighbors! They are all older, single men and my kids treat them like family. :)

Would sure like another family on our block, though... you in?!

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