Monday, July 06, 2009

Cleaning Up Our Summertime Living Space

Our backyard feels like a second home lately. However, that doesn't mean we've treated it as such since it is outside. We can walk in, close the door and not have to see the mess anymore. So it's easy to let it get a little out of control.

Eric and I would sometimes do a bit of cleaning while out there, but the underlying mess always remained. We are planning a family birthday party for Alex in two weeks and we're planning on everyone spending the afternoon outside. Nothing like a company's coming motivator!

So on Sunday, Eric spent a few hours getting everything straightened up. I still have to go in on put the finishing touches on a few things, but the project is pretty much tackled.
Unfortunately, I didn't get any before pictures. Although even if I had, I probably wouldn't have published them. It was that bad.
We threw out a LOT of stuff. Some of it has been sitting out there for over a year, like the laminate flooring from our master bedroom.It feels so nice to have the area all clean now. It makes it so much more relaxing to sit out there and just enjoy being outside.
Plus, Eric and I have a new favorite evening routine, and having a peaceful outside area makes it much nicer. We have been enjoying a small fire in our little fire pit in the evenings. While we sit and enjoy the surroundings, we listen to an audiobook.

Right now we are listening to One Second After, a book that Eric listened to while working and said I just had to read. Instead, I thought it would be fun for us to listen to it together. We have been having so much fun with this new routine that I think we'll keep it going until the weather tells us not to. Our cleaner patio space just makes us want to be out there that much more.

I am so grateful for this new habit. I love spending time alone with Eric and this is such a great way to do that. Because we aren't just listening to a story together - we're experiencing it and discussing it and turning into a part of our history together.

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Lora 12:26 AM  

It looks great, Kate! I know what you mean about coming inside and just ignoring the mess. It's easy for me to do that, too. But when you do get it cleaned up, you enjoy it so much more! And you've motivated me to get some wood for our firepit, too! S'mores are sounding pretty good right now;)

Anonymous,  12:19 PM  

ahhh nothing better than quiet time after the kids are in bed. I love looking forward to that time during the day.

Carrie 3:04 PM  

I can relate - it is so nice to finally have something accomplished that has been on the to-do list for ages!!

I love your idea about listening to an audiobook together! Quiet time with hubby - what a concept!!!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki 1:00 AM  

Whew! I needed to read this post because I have been ignoring our backyard and it is getting out of hand back there. Its a shame because last summer it was our sanctuary, but with all this rain we have had so far we just haven't spent any time back there.

Thanks for the inspiration!


Sue 12:48 PM  

Looks very inviting out there Kate and I love that you & Eric go out and enjoy some quiet time together in the evenings out there! I need to do that more I think ;-)

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