Friday, June 12, 2009

Weekend Linkage - The Friends Edition

Life is all settled down and back to normal after our trip. Everything is caught up, including the laundry, which must be some kind of record for me.

Now we are all ready to really dig in to this summer and have lots of fun. I'm planning to come up with our summer activity wish list this weekend. We did pretty good with our list last summer, but there are lots of things I want to add this year, especially now that Gracie is old enough to get in on all the action too.

Anyhow, on with the linkage for this weekend. Lots of good stuff!

Three of my fantastic bloggy (who are now in real life friends) friends have new blog projects starting next week that I'm super excited about.

  • Amy at Amy's Finer Things just introduced her Mommy, Come Home series. I know Amy, and I know she is going to do a marvelous job enlightening, inspiring and encouraging. You'll just over to go over to her site to read about it because I can't do her words justice. I'll be sharing my "coming home" story over there in the future too.
  • Next Thursday, Joy at FiveJs will be posting her first Thirsty Thursday meme post along with a Mr. Linky for everyone to link up. I love Joy's description of the series - "Thirsty Thursday: Satisfying our kids' thirst for knowledge one sip at a time. The goal of Thirsty Thursday is to offer a place where bloggers can share their thoughts and ideas about homeschooling and otherwise educating their children." Sounds great, right?
  • And on Monday, Toni, The Happy Housewife, begins a summer long challenge dubbed "The Itch To Pitch." This series is all about getting our homes organized and decluttered. I could always use some more motivation in that area, how about you? And the good news is that we'll be able to link up our own posts showing our progress.
  • I love this post "Kids & Veggies - Do They Go Together?" by Nancy at 3 Blondes and the Law. My kids have always been fairly open to eating veggies, but they especially love them roasted, just like Nancy's girls.
  • Why Can't We Manage To Cry Out For Help When We're Lost by Angie at Many Little Blessings is a terrific read. Angie has a great way of telling a story and tieing it all up nicely with a little moral at the end.
  • And finally, here's a great resource to help get ready to participate in Toni's The Itch To Pitch challenge. I am pretty decent at getting things organized, but keeping them that way rarely happens. This ebook is full of tips and motivation!
Enjoy your weekend!


Sue 11:31 PM  

Great links Kate... I'll have to check those out ;-)

Have a fantastic weekend - enjoy the beautiful weather :-)

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam 9:11 AM  

Yea - so fun for blog friends IRL :)

Angie 1:32 PM  

Thanks so much for linking to me, Kate! And, thanks for your kind words about the story. I actually didn't get much reaction to it at all, so I thought maybe it didn't come out the way that I wanted it to (even though it made me cry while I was writing my way through it -- LOL). That made me feel a lot better to know that it was received the way I meant it! Thanks so much, dear!

(I'm excited about several of the new features on the other blogs as well!)

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