Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Summertime Means Easy Reading

My oldest daughter spends at least 4 hours a day reading. During our homeschool year, she has an hour of assigned reading time when she reads from a classic I've assigned her. Usually those books are award winners and/or tie in to her current history studies. The other daily reading time is for free reading books of her choice. However, I tend to strictly monitor those books and not let her spend all her time lost in fluff.

But I typically loosen those restrictions throughout the summer and let her have a little fun with her reading. I equate it to those throw-away, perfect-for-the-beach books that I like to read on vacation. I just don't see anything wrong with a little lilght reading for 10 year old on summer break.

This year, I'm excited to be sharing my favorite childhood light reading books with her. My mom recently found a large box full of my old books and we're bringing it home with us. Isabelle and I have already gone through each and every book, oohing and aahing over the titles and covers. There is definitely a plethora of fluff books in the box, but they are all absolutely perfect for summer.

I'm feeling so nostalgic over this box of books that I think I'm going to have to read some of them right along with Isabelle. Some of the books in there include: about 25 Baby-Sitter's Club books, the All Of A Kind Family series, some Beverly Cleary, Paul Zindel and Paula Danziger, and too many others to name. There is also a handful of comic books in the box - Archie Comics, Disney Comics and Smurf Comics. (I had seriously forgotten that there were ever Smurf comic books, but I sure was glad to see them!)

This old box of books and a summer stretching before us filled with a little light reading...that definitely works for me!

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chickadee@afamiliarpath 1:24 AM  

how fun! we're reading thimble summer right now and if it's not on your list go ahead and add it. it's wonderful.

VanderbiltWife 9:07 AM  

I would pay you at least $100 for the All of a Kind Family books! Hehe. The first was one of my favorites and I never knew there were more until I was an adult. Still haven't read them, and I am dying to know what happened with the rest of the girls!!

As I've collected books for my daughter, I've found reading them brings back such good memories! I was a total bookaholic. Love Mandy, Babysitter's Club, Betsy/Tacy, Boxcar Children, Little Women...

Christina 12:51 PM  

Oooohhhh...I love the All of a Kind Family books! I'll bet Isabelle will have tons of fun this summer reading away. ; ) Reminds me of my summers when I was young...

Heather 1:05 PM  

As a former teacher (and life-long reader), I can't wait for my son to get old enough to read all of the books I have collected over the years! There are so many books that are simply must-reads to have a proper childhood! ;)

Sue 10:51 PM  

How fun and what a great summer of reading you both have in store ;-)

Speaking of Archie comics... did you hear that Archie proposed to Veronica??? What was he thinking? (Typical male!) :-)

(Just catching up on your week away after my week away!)


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