Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Roadside Motel...Who Knew?

When we took Isabelle up north for camp this weekend, we stayed at a roadside motel. For all of us, this was our first stay at a roadside motel. Honestly, we weren't sure what to expect. We knew it was in a summery tourist area, so we knew the area was safe. That wasn't a concern at all. But we were cautiously curious about what we'd find inside.

I've got to tell, we were pleasantly surprised. The motel is older and definitely not very updated, but it is so charming.

We were staying there with my in-laws and we reserved two rooms with double beds. The room Eric and I stayed in with the kids actually had two separate bedrooms, a sitting area with a mini fridge, microwave and coffee pot, and a bathroom. For $55!
The rooms, while outdated, were clean and comfortable. They were full of windows too, which was so nice for enjoying our up north surroundings and breathing in the fresh air.
The rooms were kind of bare bones and just sported the basics. But each bedroom had a little vanity area. You can see it in the photo above. Notice anything about the wall around the mirror? Here, let me show a little closer shot of that.Yep, that is 100% pure shag! And bright orange shag carpeting to boot. Does it get any better?

Actually, yes. Yes it does get better than that. If the shag doesn't have you impressed, I bet this will.
Is that not the fanciest toilet paper holder you've ever seen? All in all, we loved our weekend spent at this motel. It was a great experience, and we also knew it would make for a great story. We learned a great lesson in the process too - be willing to look outside the norm and get creative. There may just be a little gem hiding somewhere.

A roadside motel definitely worked for us! (Those are words I never dreamed would come from my mouth.)

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Sonshine 9:10 AM  

LOL! Gotta love the "shot" back in time with the bright orange shag! :) It looks like it was a pleasant stay.

Sue 10:12 AM  

What a cute little surprise. I would never dream of staying in a roadside motel for fear of what disease I might pick up but your experience has opened my mind a little.

I stopped looking for "bargain" hotel/motels after one year we took a trip to Myrtle Beach and we tried to save a buck only to come home with scabies. I am very cautious about where I stay now :-/ but your little motel find looked really sweet. I did particularly enjoy the shag carpet around the mirror and the oh so fancy toilet paper holder! WOW! Where can I find one of those? ;-)

Thanks for sharing Kate :-D

Lora 11:33 AM  

You're so right~that is very charming!! And what a steal!! My family once stayed at a similar type motel somewhere in NM on a vacation years ago (when I was a kid) and I remember it being furnished like a home. Random, mis-matched furniture, even afgans place around. It was a fun memory!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki 9:37 PM  

I have stayed in so many like that!


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