Monday, June 22, 2009

A Memorable Week In The Making

As I type this, Isabelle is at sleep-away camp about 3 hours from home. They are probably getting ready to wind down their first full day. I wonder how she is doing and if she is having a good time. But I know I really don't need to wonder - I know she is having a fantastic time. You should have seen the look of wonder and excitement on her face yesterday when we walked around the camp. And there was the little hint of her asking us if we were leaving yet when we were standing around waiting for all the campers to be walked to their cabins.
So, she's in a beautiful location with two of her step-cousins for 6 days jam-packed with fun activities. How could she not be having fun?
But I'll tell ya, dropping her off felt like a huge tackle for me. This is such a sign that she's growing up. It's the first time she's been away from home this long with being with adult family members. How is it possible my little girl is old enough for that?
As I finished packing up all of her things Saturday morning, I made sure Isabelle knew where everything was in her suitcase. We went over the packing list a few times together and we were both satisfied with her suitcase. I think she probably thought we packed too much, but I bet she'll change her mind while she's there.
Unfortunately, I was so focused on her suitcase that I completely forgot one thing. While watching one of Eric's step-sisters unload their car, I saw her daughter's sleeping bag. And then it hit me - I had completely forgotten Isabelle's! Luckily the camp had extras. (Apparently this kind of thing happens a lot. That made me feel a little better.)
Alex, Olivia and Gracie are so excited for Isabelle. They keep talking about how she's at camp, asking to see the camp pictures, and wondering when they'll get to go to camp too. They're also counting down the days until she gets home already.I get the feeling by the end of this week we'll all be breathlessly waiting to hear how her week went.

I am so grateful to my in-laws for gifting her with this opportunity. And I'm grateful Isabelle is experiencing this amazing memory-making week.

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Meg 1:21 AM  

Aww... I remember camp. :) It was such a blessing to me - I'm sure your daughter will enjoy it. I'm almost positive it's harder on the mommies than the kids. :)

Susie 11:53 AM  

That is a huge emotional tackle for you but that camp looks fantastic!

Judy 1:15 PM  

I remember the first time my oldest went away to overnight camp for a week....I was so emotional. She will have a great time.

It Feels Like Chaos 3:48 PM  

Such a neat opportunity for your daughter! And, you're right, a big tackle for her mom!!

Sue 7:53 PM  

I can almost see you edging Isabelle closer to the edge of the Nest in this post. Sniff sniff. I'm sure she's having a blast but even more, I'm sure you are waiting with baited breath for her to come home!

I personally hated camp (only went once) but I know SO many who love it and end up working at the camp later.

Jennifer 1:35 PM  

My son is at camp for the week too. First time too. He seemed to be having a great time, until my husband went. he had to work a shift and then Michael started having a hard time. I hope he is doing well now. His cousin is there too and I know they are having fun.

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