Friday, June 19, 2009

Weekend Linkage - The Kinda-New-To-Me Edition

My blog reading and commenting has decreased dramatically the past few weeks (months for the commenting). And I feel bad. I miss the interaction. So I've been working on remedying that a bit this week. I've spent some time reading through the archives of blogs I used to visit regularly and exploring some new ones. That doesn't mean that my commenting has gotten any better, but I did find some great stuff to share.

Feel free to shamelessly promote yourself in the comment section.

Have a great weekend!


Sue 12:46 AM  

Happy Blog hopping this weekend Kate if you get a chance. I know you're traveling so be safe on the roads too!


Robin ~ PENSIEVE 1:21 PM  

Hey Kate,

THANKS for linkin' to my post @ bathing suit shopping for moms! It's always a nice surprise to discover a little linky love, and I'm payin' it back to ya today!


Rachel 9:49 PM  

Thanks so much for the review of my Mom Jeans post! I'm glad you enjoyed it. It certainly was a fun post to create!! :)

Anonymous,  10:18 PM  

What a great list of posts, and thank for listing my garden post. You should start one, but please do me a favor and do a small one so your not spending years, freezing and canning, ha ha!!!

Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship 9:14 AM  

Thanks for the link love!

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