Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A Look Into The Future

And to think, exactly 12 years from today she'll be sitting in that seat all by herself.Stop by 5 Minutes For Mom for more Wordless Wednesday and Cheaper Than Therapy for more Thousand Words Thursday.


Staci 12:58 AM  

Very cute! It goes by too fast though!

Sarah 1:15 AM  

Oh that is so sweet. Totally a picture to cherish

Judy 8:29 AM  

You blink, and she will be there!
My oldest will be 16 in August. He will be going for his permit on his birthday. It really does seem like last week he was a baby.

I am Harriet 8:48 AM  

Be scared :)
Mine is 17.


Rob 3:50 PM  

I wish mine was old enough to drive me around. LOL.

Happy WW!

Sally 12:25 PM  

How sweet......time really does fly!

Sue 2:24 PM  

Cute picture! I don't want to think about it!

My son will be 13 next month, getting closer to driving.

Thanks for sharing.

Bree Shaw 3:43 PM  

i had this same exact conversation today!!! my oldest will be 16 in 5 1/2 years. where did the first 10 1/2 go?

Sue 4:39 PM  

Bet you want to stop the clock right about now ;-)

Savor every minute Sweet Kate :-)

Marla 8:28 PM  

so happy to see i'm not the only one who does this ;p

Janis @ SneakPeek 1:06 AM  

Watch out!!!


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