Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Endless Options for Ice Cream Party Pails

A few weeks ago, my brother-in-law and his fiancee came over for dinner. They brought the dessert - ice cream, sprinkles and ice cream cones. (The kids were thrilled!!) The ice cream that they brought was a big party pail from Kroger. We all really enjoyed the ice cream and as we started getting toward the bottom of the pail, my wheels started turning.

These party pails are a sturdy plastic with an air-proof, tightly closing lid and handle. See where I'm going with this? I have yet to run out of ideas for ways to reuse these pails. Now if only we could start eating ice cream faster!
These pails are frequently on sale at Kroger for just $2.99. And even at their regular price of $5.99, that's a fantastic deal for a gallon of ice cream. It really is good too. For our family of 6, we can all have a small helping every night for dessert (the kids literally have only a tablespoon or two). So far, two pails have seen us through a month. And even with only an above the fridge freezer that is filled with freezer meals and food for the month, we easily fit 2 pails in there.

Here are just a handful of ideas I've had for reusing these pails:

  • Flour storage. (whether for dividing up bulk packages or for longer storage of 5 lb bags so that they stay air tight)
  • Bathtub toy storage. The handle can be hung over the bath spout and the container is water proof. I think I'd poke a few small holes in the bottom of it so that the water could drain out.
  • Craft supply storage.
  • Compost scraps.
  • Toy storage for little toys. (Umm, who am I kidding. The pails would become the toys!)
  • Snack or other storage for in the car.
  • For all of you gardeners out there, could I use these for potted plants? I'd love to do it but I'm not sure if it would work.
I know that not everyone has a Kroger in the area though. If you buy these or similar ice cream pails at a different grocery store, please let us know where you get them in the comments.

These pails are definitely working for me as we enjoy the ice cream, and they'll be working for me as I start putting all of my ideas to use.

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Judy 9:51 PM  

We do not have a Krogers in Massachusetts. I have seen ice cream containers like this at BJ's.

What a great idea for flour storage!

A friend of mine used hers to hold all her crayons.

~Sara 12:03 AM  

All great ideas! I think it is funny that you listed bathtub toy storage because that is exactly what we do! I thought we were the only ones who probably did this!

Jill,  8:08 AM  

We buy ice cream in pails at Aldis here in Arkansas. Right now, I can see two of these pails in the backyard being used as sandbox toys. We've also used them for bathtub toys! They work great to take small toys to the pool.

Greta 9:11 AM  

We save ours all year to use for picking blackberries! They are great little buckets for anything.

Anonymous,  11:52 AM  

I just used up one that we bought at Sam's Club and was about to throw it out and then WHOA Doggy... no way it is perfect for something I just didnt know what. Now I am going to use it for flour as you suggested I am always making a mess of my flour. The opening is wide so you can scoop without getting it everywhere! Thanks for the idea!

ckaal5 10:39 PM  

We just bought 3 of these at Kroger in Central IL. They were on sale for 3 for $10. I have never seen them for 2.99 a pail here. We use them for everything. There are 2 outside in the kiddie pool. I use them to store my dry ingredients when I make up batches of pancake, waffle and muffin mixes to have ready to use as needed. We use them to store leftover paint that we might need to use again for touch ups. I am sure there are several other things we use them for if I really thought about it.

Sue 11:21 AM  

I am still stunned on the price of those pails! Especially the sale price - WHOA!

We don't have Krogers up here in Southern Ontario ... and with just the two of us well... I'd hate to see what we'd look like after eating all that ice cream just the two of us - lol

Great after ice-cream plans for the pails though! ;-)

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