Monday, May 18, 2009

Seasonal Swap...Not Quite Tackled

I got a bit of a late start on our seasonal clothing swap this year. So I spent some time last week finally getting into gear and swapping out the kids clothes. I pulled out tons of bags and boxes from our attic and started sorting, with a little bit of help from my young "staff."

I quickly realized that Olivia was going to be flush with clothes for the summer. The rest of the kids though weren't so lucky. I did find a few things for Isabelle, Alex and Gracie. However, I pretty much already knew that we'd be buying some clothes for Isabelle this year since she's outgrown our hand-me-down loop. Same with Alex.

But Gracie's lack of clothes is really baffling to me. She is in size 2 clothes for this summer, which is what Olivia wore last year. So there should be plenty of clothes for her. I just can't find them though.

Finding those clothes is on the top of my list as I continue tackling this swap that is taking way longer than usual. I also have a few thrift store and yard sale runs planned for this week to pick up a few things for Isabelle and Alex.

Since I didn't have many clothes to add to their current stash, I haven't yet weeded out the winter clothes from Isabelle, Alex and Gracie's drawers. So I still have that to tackle also.
This pile is probably 95% Olivia's summer clothes. I got all of those washed and put away. I also packed up her winter clothes.

As I was going through this process last week, we were gifted with 2 more large garbage of clothes. Most of these were a size six or up, so they just got sorted and packed for the attic. The timing was perfect though! Now we just have to get all this stuff put away in the attic.I really wish I was writing this post about how good it felt to be done with this process. I guess that will just have to wait. Hopefully next week, although I'm not holding my breath.

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L2L 4:30 AM  

oh I feel your pain. I ended up having only one bin for each size of hand-me-downs. It makes the summer/winter switch out much easier and not so overwhelming, but then of course we are military so we always have to watch how much we have as when we move we are limited to a certain amount of weight!!!! Good luck and hope to see you next week, lol

Puna 6:07 AM  

Ha! That laundry pile will never go away! Go for your walk! It will still be there when you get back.

Raise Them Up 10:25 AM  

I hope you get it finished! I can relate to how BIG of a job it is.


Kimberly 6:02 PM  

I use to love to dig clothing out of the top of a closet or out of a bag when my kids were younger. My kids have outgrown the hand me down stage of line and now think they have to be the first owner of everything. They are quickly changing their minds when it comes to needing new clothing though. Enjoy the seasonal swap while you can, cause it will not last forever.

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings 7:14 PM  

Wow! Looks like a giant task, but great job at getting started on it. I would imagine it's kind of like "shopping" when you get to look through all of the stored clothes...well, maybe not just like shopping. ;)

Great have a lot to keep up with, but it looks like you have quite the system. Good luck on the rest!!

Sue 7:17 PM  

Whoa! I've never seen so many clothes!

Hope you find that bag you're looking for!

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