Sunday, May 17, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - Week of 5/18

I made a pretty good dent in my long to-do list last week but there are still quite a few things I need to get done. Namely - the spring cleaning. It just seems so easy to push that back when other things come up. Hopefully it won't be such a problem this week though.

Thankfully, my husband's schedule is a bit more relaxed this week after two weeks of working throughout both the day and night. I think having him home more will help keep me more motivated to get the cleaning done. It will also be nice for life to feel normal around here again.



  • M - Crackers, peanut butter, pretzels, bananas, yogurt
  • T - Pizza grilled cheese and applesauce
  • W - Ham & cheese sandwiches, yogurt
  • Th - Tuna pasta salad, grapes
  • F - Hard-boiled eggs, cheese slices, apple slices, celery sticks
  • S- Leftovers
  • Su - BLTs


Stop by Org Junkie for hundreds more menu plans.


Snow White 9:36 PM  

I just made your tomato basil bread -- it's our sandwich bread of choice this week.

have a great week!

Rona's Home Page 8:01 AM  

Great menu planned!
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Your Frugal Friend, Niki 8:46 AM  

Taco meatloaf patties sound great!


TAMI 2:15 PM  

Found your blog this morning and have been thinking about participating in MPM. The link for your Breakfast Cookies sounds great and I like the simplicity of your posts - not a "plain" sort, I mean, but rather a "clean & inviting" kind!

Courtney 4:03 PM  

great weekly menu. and I hear you on the spring cleaning. I have started and my house is a mess as I am trying to switch the seasonal clothes and purge the clutter. I have been avoiding the windows for weeks!!!

Anonymous,  9:39 AM  

I'm new to your blog and you other site, stolen moments cooking. I really enjoy reading them both. Can you tell me how you make pizza grilled cheese? Thanks!

Melissa 1:34 PM  

Your menu plan sounds wonderful! I'm working on my spring cleaning, too, but I'd rather be cooking...

Sue 6:45 PM  

I have to tell you Kate, your Menu Plan Monday's have inspired me to make a meal plan this week (and hopefully every week). I'm such a moody meal maker that sitting planning it out & doing the shopping as per the list will hopefully help me to not try & decide at 4pm as hubby walks in the door what I should make for dinner.

Tonight it was Turkey/Beef burgers, salad and corn on the cob :-)

Thanks for the inspiration!

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