Thursday, May 14, 2009

Playing with Pop Bottles

The kids have been having a ton of fun lately with the simplest of things - the top half of plastic pop bottles. I can't take credit for this genius idea. That would have to go to Isabelle once again. Any day now, I'm fully expecting this girl to take over the title of reigning frugal queen in our house. After all, she is the one who thought of the cardboard bathtub idea.

Anyhow, back to the pop bottles. These things have been played with in more ways and for more hours then all of the actual toys in our house combined. I love the fact that all 4 of the kids can play with these and find something to do with them that involves everyone. And I love how their creativity has flourished in coming up with different uses for the pop bottles. Watching my children play together with their creativity soaring, is definitely a finer thing. Plus, they are playing with the tops of pop bottles. Could it get any more frugal than that?

Here are some of the ways they've played with their favorite new "toys":

  • Bubble blowers. I was amazed the first time I saw the bubbles that came out of these things. They were big and perfect! We use a homemade bubble solution that's simply water, dishwashing soap and about a teaspoon of sugar. You can blow the bubbles from either end depending on how big of a bubble you want.
  • Sand and/or dirt hill shapers.
  • Funnels. With dry rice or beans, sand or just plain old water.
  • Play-doh accessory.
  • Imaginary musical instruments.
  • Megaphones.
  • Cup holders.
I'm sure I'm forgetting some too. And I'm sure there will be more uses thought of through out the next few days. Who knew I'd ever be hooked on such a simple idea?

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Christina 10:01 PM  

How clever! My tupperware cabinet is one of my son's favorite sources of amusement. Sometimes I wonder why we even bother with toys at all?

Sue 10:09 PM  

Very ingenious! They could also get a small ball and use them as catchers... we used to have a game (I forget the name) that had these scoop-like things to catch a ball in!

Very smart kiddos you have there ;-)

Meredith@MerchantShips 12:04 AM  

I have a whole bag of these saved in the garage. I thought I might use 2-liters to store dry beans, etc. bought in bulk.

A few funnels and scoopers would be pretty exciting to the kids this weekend, though.

Linking to this from my Tumblr blog!

Tia @ TiaSavingCents 9:58 AM  

What a great idea! My boys love bubbles so we will have to give this a go for sure!

Christine 11:46 AM  

What a great and inexpensive idea!!

Holly 2:25 PM  

My kids are 6,8, and 11 and I bet they could still find uses for those. Great idea!

Keowdie 3:38 PM  

My kids are 6 and 1, and I'm certain they will love having a bucket of bottle-tops for the summer!

~Sara 12:17 AM  

We use pop bottles to play "bowling" at our house. We line up 6 of them into a triangle and take turns hitting the "pins" with a ball!

Amy @ Finer Things 9:11 PM  

How fun! It never ceases to amaze me how kids can be entertained by the simplest of things.

Lenetta @ Nettacow 9:12 AM  

Very fun! I have been making this little thing for gifts using pop bottles. Looks like you singe the bottom so it isn't sharp - me, too! :>)

Came over here via Amy @ Finer Things!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki 4:48 PM  

My son would love these!


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