Thursday, April 02, 2009

A Frugal Bathtub Alternative

sabelle has a sharp, entrepreneurial mind. She's always looking for ways to make a buck or save a buck. (So proud of that girl!!) So when she came up with a nifty bathtub alternative idea, Eric and I were all ears.
The cost for this alternative bathtub? Oh, about 5 cents.
The materials? Two free boxes from Sam's Club, one commercial garbage bag, one household garbage bag and about 3 dozen staples.

The result?
I know what you're thinking because I thought it too - that can't possibly work! No way will it hold water.
But it did! Well then, what good is a "bathtub" if you can't actually bathe in it, right?As long as you are under 5, you can absolutely bathe in this tub!
And clean up is a breeze too. Just use a shop vac to get rid of all the water, let it air dry, and store until next time.

Creating a bathtub out of cardboard boxes and garbage bags is a brilliantly frugal idea, don't you think?

No? Well, maybe not, but spending the day creating a project and having fun together is certainly a finer thing!

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Relishing Life 11:57 PM  

What an original idea!! And, it worked! How cool is that?!?!

Christina 12:30 AM  

Brilliant and frugal indeed!

Meg 1:24 AM  

She's on a roll - what a fun blessing to have! :)

Dusty 7:56 AM  

My goodness! What a fun idea!

FromThe Creek 9:09 AM  

So fun and creative!

FishMama 9:53 AM  

Definitely original. I think it's wonderful that you "went with" her ideas, too. That is how great inventors started, I'm sure.

Tammie 10:07 AM  

fun, fun, fun!

Sherry 12:19 PM  

WOW! LOL! That is neat and definitely frugal!

Jennifer 1:11 PM  

ahhhhhh I love it!

Amy @ Finer Things 2:28 PM  

I've been waiting for this post all week, and you did not disappoint!

JessieLeigh 6:54 PM  

I think it is just fabulous that you helped your daughter carry out this idea. Too many parents wouldn't and, I must admit, I'd be concerned about how it would play out myself!

Great pics and great memories... how fun!

shopannies 7:43 PM  

wow think of the traveling you can do with that invention

Shalet 9:08 PM  

Here's to creative kids! Happy Frugal Friday!

Wendy 12:16 AM  

This is brilliant. I love cool frugal stuff like this. What a great idea!

Niki 2:31 PM are one brave woman. I will barely let my son play in the sink. I have to let go of this and let them have fun.

Megan 8:15 PM  

too fun!

Omah's Helping Hands 2:00 AM  

That is so cool! What a wonderful mind she has. It's wonderful how you allowed your daughter to go with the idea and then tried it out. What an inspiration!

Dana 1:16 AM  

Now that is a cool project!

{ jamie } 8:37 AM  

Fun! She's a creative & frugal girl already! ♥

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