Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Of Boys, Bumps & Bruises, and Mama's Kisses

My Son. He's all boy. Tough and rowdy, yet snuggly and sensitive. He makes his mama proud.

He falls down a lot. He plays tough and gets hurt rough. As Eric likes to remind me, "he's just a boy being a boy." Oh don't I know it.

I love mothering my son. He is a fantastic child and I look forward to hearing his future wife thank me over and over again. But he's a boy - my first and only experience with the raising of boys. Sometimes I feel a little out of my element.

He's fallen down twice this week, on two consecutive days, and scraped both knees in exactly the same spot. I'm starting to learn that the magic of mama's kisses wears off a lot faster for little boys with big, man-sized ouchies than it does with girls.

That makes me a little sad. I love being able to kiss the pain away. But on those knees, I couldn't even get within a 5 foot radius.Which means I need to take every opportunity I can to stop and purposefully kiss the tiny hurts while he still asks me to. Someday my kisses will be a source of embarrassment and not one of comfort. And someday my son will learn mama's kisses have always been meant to heal his heart but they never really had any effect on his physical hurts.

Maybe he'll let me continue with those kisses after all.

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Sue 11:33 PM  

His poor little knees! Whatever did he do to bang them up so badly?

I'm sure it will be a sad day when those kisses get rejected. I say smother them daily ;-)


The Real Me! 7:11 AM  

Oh my 4 year old is a knee scrapper as well. We actually started having him wear pants more often. LOL.
And I agree Mama's kisses work wonders.

Sally 2:45 PM  

My goodness his poor little knees. I cringed when I saw them! May the magic of your momma kisses NEVER wear off!!

The Mom Jen 3:44 PM  

My 3 year old has a similar knee right now, she claims that brownies are her medicine.

Frantic Holly 3:45 PM  

What sad little knees. Prayers for quick healing.

Erin 8:25 PM  

Makes me love having a daughter. lol. Poor little boy knees!

Anissa 1:09 AM  

Poor little guy! I hate seeing them hurt.

Just Another SAHM 9:59 AM  

Aw, his poor little knees.
It makes me sad to think of the day mommy kisses won't cut it with my boy.
We'll just have to enjoy them while they last.

shopannies 1:22 PM  

oh the poor little knees now I can offer mommy kisses and granma kisses aunt kisses work as well

Chris 7:07 PM  

Sons always want their moms to make everything all better -- even if we can't always admit it.

Jeanette 3:43 AM  

Oh I love little boys. So rowdy, yet so sweet.

Jolanthe 1:20 PM  

My oldest is covered in bruises from who-knows-what...and scrapes. :) And he's only four.

So much fun to look forward to!


3 for Me! 4:30 PM  

I've got one of those LIttle Boys, too!! And I am constantly shaking my head thinking, "what am I going to do with him!!"

My Little Boy told me months ago that he "doesn't like Mommy kisses" but does like "Daddy kisses". Oh, it was soo sad (of course I put on my TOUGH face and didn't let on that it bothered me)! But then a few weeks later he had a stomach virus (my hubby is great with vomit... thank goodness) but I was the one whose lap he sat on while he was weak. And I LOVED the snuggle time and now he is letting get my kisses in again.... I guess he's not as grown as he wants to be, yet:)

Carrie and Troy Keiser 5:40 PM  

Yeah, he looks ALL boy, to me!
You are so right that boys and mama's kisses don't last. My so told me a bout a year ago that "kisses don't work". It was sad and funny in a way.

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