Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Organizational Rebellion

On Saturday, Eric and I spent a large chunk of the day completing most of our spring cleaning. As I was putting things away in their proper places, I realized that many of the proper places around our house probably would be considered a little odd to some people.

Our storage and organization habits are certainly a little creative. There are two reasons for this:

  1. We live in a small house. A small house necessitates creativity. Sometimes we keep things where we keep them because, quite simply, it's the only place they'll fit. We are fortunate to have an attic, but we lack a basement and a garage. So we do what we can and what we must. Our stroller is stored in our minivan because it fits there and doesn't take up any room in the house. When we go for a walk, I just take it out from its proper place. The kids school materials are stored in a display cabinet and on top of my bedroom dresser. Our coat closet houses the 3 youngest's hanging clothes, shoes, toys, bike helmets, board games and every one's hats, scarves and gloves. It may be full to bursting, but it works.
  2. I like doing whatever I can to make my job easier. The kids pajamas are stored in a drawer in my dresser so that I can just grab them at bedtime, instead of pulling our their under-the-bed drawers. And the kids socks are stored in a shoe box on top of the dryer. They're less likely to get lost in the shuffle of clothes and they're easier to grab when we head out the door. Our washing machine doubles as our hamper. Dirty clothes go straight into the machine. When it's full, I run it.
I'm sure a stranger would have a hard time finding anything in our house and I'll surely never win an award for my exceptional organizing skills. But that's okay. I've always been a bit of a rebel, and rebelling against conventional organization definitely works for me.

Any other organizing rebels out there?

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Courtney 9:41 PM  

we have an old house. Very old -- 110+ yrs. So closets are so tiny and few that we literally have 6 armoires in our house. It so strange! one or two fine. six -- insanity!

Sue 9:46 PM  

It sure sounds functional though Kate. It doesn't matter if anyone else can figure out your system - it works for you & that's all that counts!

Omah's Helping Hands 11:24 PM  

I for one like some of your ideas and am going to pass them on to my daughter who lives in a very small place that is bursting at the seams. They started out with three and now have seven living in their place. Awesome ideas, thanks for sharing your rebellious organization tips! ;)

Kirsty 11:59 PM  

Love it. I think I may have to steal a variation of your sock idea. From a fellow small house dweller, I salute you :)

Sarah 1:34 AM  

I do the same with our dirty clothes. Who needs to sort anyway?

Mary Ann 6:33 AM  

Yes! I store the dog's blankets and cushion in the dryer. During the day when I have my childcare kids, there is no place for his cushion so that has to be put away. Previously, it was all on the floor of the laundry room until I discovered that the dryer was standing perfectly empty most days. Works great!

Here's to making a small house work for us!

Hoosier Homemade 7:53 AM  

I lucky to have lots of storage, an attic and basement. But things still need to be organized and put in their place or I end up spending all my time hunting things.

Angela 7:53 AM  

I think this is a good way to be rebellious! Looks like you are doing great with what you have, and that's what matters!

Erin @ Closing Time 8:19 AM  

I think it is wonderful that you have been so creative to find a system that works in the space you have. I need to do the same!!

Paula @ Organizing Tips For Moms 9:15 AM  

I love your ideas! It should work for you, that's what is most important. Thanks for sharing.

Abbi 10:04 AM  

Cool ideas! We actually do have a fair amount of storage space (at least in the garage) but it can still be a challange to keep everything where it belongs. I have some weird ways of organizing too but I figure if it works for me (and my family) that is what matters!

Lori 1:08 PM  

Yup, Organizing Rebel here too! I have seven kids and would be an anal housekeeper except I have given up until they are grown (or at least half of them). We have a sock box on top of the dryer and we in theory use the same washing machine method. Only our laundry stacks up too fast so we have a huge pile on the floor in front of the washing machine as well. Our schoolbooks are kept in the hall closet (we added wire shelving) and a armoire in the hall and a bookshelf in the living room (homeschooling seven and I'm a bibliophile = lots of books).

Glad to know I'm not alone!

It Feels Like Chaos 3:41 PM  

One of the best things I ever did organizationally was to put all my kids socks in the same drawer just in their own divider box (empty, lidless shoebox)! So I think you're on to something with your organizational rebellion!

Jennifer 12:09 AM  

I do the same. Store things where they work for me instead of how everyone else thinks they should be. For example, when you walk up my stairs you are in a large game room which instead of making it look adult like I have turned it into a playroom for the kids and all of their toys are in there. I plan on painting trees and houses up there to make it more fun for them. And then there is a linen closet up there and instead of having linens in it I have it full of books, toys and games for the kids. The linens are stored in the bathroom. And of course the kids folded clothes are not in their room because they pull them all out.

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