Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Letting The Kids Take Over My Kitchen

I tend to be a bit territorial when it comes to my kitchen. Yes, I love having my kids in there with me, but it is MY domain. I don't often turn over the reins.

But lately I've been trying to be a little more open-minded about this. Isabelle is going to be 10 in a few months, so I know she can definitely do many things in the kitchen. It's been a bit of a tough mental adjustment for me, but I want her to start viewing the kitchen as hers also.

On Mother's Day, I took advantage of this by asking Isabelle to prepare breakfast for herself and her sisters and brother. She was thrilled to be asked, both because I had shown my confidence in her ability to get this done and because she was enjoying spearheading my Mother's Day celebration.
Yesterday, she thought up a recipe she wanted to make for snack time. I decided to let her go for it, with the understanding that all preparations and clean up responsibilities fell to her.
I removed myself completely from the kitchen and let her get to work, with the help of her brother. She was confident and excited as she worked. She felt that feeling I feel all the time of lovingly preparing fun and yummy food for her family. There was satisfaction in a job well done.She calls her creation "par-chu-easy." (I have no idea how she would spell it, so I'm just going for it phonetically.) It is made with toast, cut into a circle, spread with plain tomato paste and then covered with a few pieces of sharp cheddar and bits of pepperoni. Very reminiscent of mini pizzas.
And the result? All of the kids loved it. Personally, I wouldn't know since she only made 4, but I'll trust this face.Giving up my kitchen, even for just a little while, is really working for me.

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Sue 10:58 PM  

That is so cool! I think that is so great for her to learn at that young age and to allow her creativity to shine through. Maybe next time she'll make enough for you to try one ;-)

Way to let go Mom!! ;-)


Katie 11:56 PM  

Too cute! Way to let go...always difficult in our walk. Here's a fun post on letting kids help in the kitchen: www.kitchenstewardship.com/2009/04/22/kids-in-the-kitchen-potato-salad-with-help/

Christina 12:23 AM  

What a wonderful experience! For you to give more liberty and to see it being used so wisely and for Isabelle to have the opportunity to begin to create cullinary successes. ; )

Kirsty 12:29 AM  

Good for you. I have my kids making their own school lunches in there alone each morning. Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it (it gets kind of messy) but deep down I know it is important for them to figure this stuff out and to know they are capable. Her meal looks quite yummy!

home school dad 12:59 PM  

I just showed that to my near 10 year old and she wants to try making it.

Jenny 10:11 AM  


Christy at frugalcrunchychristy 3:00 PM  

Your daughter looks so proud. I think it is great you are letting her learn to take over that duty. I wish I had done more of that!

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