Monday, May 11, 2009

At Least My Husband Got A Good Story Out Of It

This past Saturday, Eric had to stop by a client's to do some work. We knew it was going to be a short job and we didn't want to let it interfere with our Saturday - our one and only free day of the week. So we decided to just take the whole family and then head over to the mall to walk around afterwards. It was a rainy day, so it seemed like a perfect option.

We were having fun walking around and window shopping. We weren't there to buy anything and everyone knew that. Fortunately, since we go to the mall so infrequently, the kids have a great time just walking around and don't expect anything.

However, I felt like treating everybody. That morning, I "found" $12 in my purse. So I wanted to use that to get us all a little treat. We were close to a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and I thought chocolate covered pretzels sounded like a great idea. I figured it wouldn't cost very much to get one for each of us. I knew it would definitely be less than a hot pretzel a piece.

Umm...yeah, not so much. There were no prices displayed on any of the cases and I honestly didn't even think to ask. After all, we're just talking chocolate covered pretzel rods here. How much could they be?

The grand total for 6 chocolate covered pretzels - $17!!

Seriously? I felt like a complete idiot at that point. But we bought our pretzels anyhow. Eric said he figured it would make a good story. His frugal wife spends $17 dollars on 6 pretzel rods that would have cost less than $2 to make. They certainly did not taste like $17 pretzels!

So, I learned my lesson. And I am thrilled to have tackled giving my husband an amusing story. I'm sure I'll hear it over and over again throughout the years. I'm such a nice wife, don't you think?

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Falling Around 11:15 PM  

That is too funny! My entire face turns bright red when I do stuff like that... no way I can play it cool.

I've never been real fond of Rocky Mountain Chocolates... the chocolate is way too waxy. Homemade choco-pretzels taste much better and cost far less than say, umm... $17. I'm sure the kiddos appreciated it though!

Amanda 12:39 AM  

Ha! We have to give them something to tease us about eh? The stuff stories are made of!

girlonwheels 1:12 AM  

I hope they tasted good. I've never had a chocolate covered pretzel before.

Elisabeth 1:12 AM  

Yes, Rocky Mtn. Factory is expensive. At least you had some extra to pay for your treat.


itsahumanzoo 4:22 AM  

Were they any good? I really hate when I do something like that. I am always so money conscious and frugal, and then once in a while I'll make a mistake like that and kick myself over it. Oh well, I bet you won't be visiting Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory any time soon! :)

-Angela @NineMoreMonths

Upstatemomof3 4:30 AM  

Your tackle is cracking me up!! It really is a good story. :)

Monica@DailyDwelling 7:02 AM  

How funny!!

I did something similar after moving to Germany....spent WAY TOO MUCH on something in a department store and was too timid to put it back. I was so embarrased, but it sure made a great story!

Andrea McMann 7:46 AM  

Since you "found" $12 in your purse, it's really like the pretzels only costed $5! ;)

I can't believe they don't have prices up! That's just wrong!

The Real Me! 7:46 AM  

Ugh! That's a moment you don't want to repeat! LOL. The look on my face would have been funny as I probably would have gone into shock! LOL.
Blessings to you.

Buffie 8:42 AM  

Oh my goodness, it's so nice to know that I'm not the only one who has not-so-frugal moments like that. At least the kids got a nice treat.

Susie 8:51 AM  

What a great lesson tackle!! I am sorry you got duped into paying that much.

Sue 9:50 AM  

That is highway robbery! I love Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory but really? $17 for pretzels??

I'm glad your husband was so amused - hee hee. Funny how we see things differently from our spouses, at least at first before we can see the humor in it.

I bet the kids knew to savor the experience -lol

Sandi 2:24 PM  

We've all been there. Want to read more funny stories from husbands of couponers? I have the links at

Christy 10:17 PM  

I have done that before while on vacation...those chocolate stores will get you every time!

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