Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Feet In Our Family

We've never been one of those families who really gets into the matching clothes. Occasionally it's cute to dress the girls similarly, but overall we avoid it.

However, we do know a good thing when we find it and if that means matching, then so be it. And that is exactly what has happened with our footwear. See, these are our shoes...

I have to admit, there is this little dorky side of me that just loves seeing all of our crocs lined up in a row, from biggest to smallest. We all love them and they are pretty much the only shoes we put on. So yes, we do all walk around with our matching shoes on and look like a walking crocs billboard. I guess it could be worse though.

Comfy, matching footwear is definitely a finer thing!

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Sarah 10:37 PM  

Our house loves Crocs too! (Well He have Holey Soles but same difference right?) They are so comfy and easy for kids to put on.

Megan 1:17 AM  

Love, love, love Crocs and so do my kiddos. Definitely a finer thing.

Mitchypoo 2:41 AM  

I had a pair of ballet crocs but had to return them, they made noise and were not comfy. But I liked the pic of all your crocs. Great list!

Under the Florida Sun 8:44 AM  

We have yet to buy any of these, though I've heard great things about them.

Sue 9:14 AM  

Very cute! You guys should let Crocs know and maybe you can get some free (or be in a commercial or something).

I have yet to purchase a pair of Crocs but I do have a pair of "fake Croc" flip flops that are beyond comfy. I think I'm too cheap to buy the real deal -lol.

SmallWorld at Home 1:04 PM  

That is adorable. Crocs should keep you supplied in a lifetime of free shoes!

Amy @ Finer Things 8:45 PM  

Great pic! I love 'em (fake crocs) because the kids can put them on all by themselves!

Puna 9:42 PM  

There's two things I told my daughter I would never buy, crocs and toaster streudels. I now have eaten my words...

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