Friday, May 08, 2009

iCarly - The Saved By The Bell of the 21st Century?

Okay, so there aren't that many similarities between Saved By The Bell and iCarly. Except for this one, which is huge to me - just like my mom occasionally watched Saved By The Bell with me, Isabelle and I can watch iCarly together. Sometimes we laugh together and sometimes we have to discuss something that was said or done on the show, but we both always enjoy the 30 minutes together.

Of all the tween shows available nowadays, Nickelodeon's iCarly is the only one we allow Isabelle to watch. The character's are not perfect, and they do have their faults, but overall they are just kids being kids. I would almost go as far as saying they are just good kids being kids.

Isabelle and I both really appreciate the premise of the show - 2 girls hosting their own web show. With a mom that blogs and a blog of her own, the "techy" side of Isabelle really relates to what they are trying to build online.

Since Isabelle's tv time is very limited, having iCarly - Season 1, Vol. 2 on DVD has been very nice. Now when she does get 30 minutes of tv, instead of trying to plan her schedule around a certain time, we can just pop the DVD in. Even better, if a situation pops up on the show that I think would make a good talking point, we can pause it to have a discussion.

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Sue 11:31 PM  

What a special time for you two! I used to love watching t.v. with my Mom. It's one of my favorite memories of growing up.

Having the season on DVD is great for you too. That way you can set the schedule! I've never seen (or heard)of iCarly but it's nice to read that there are still nice shows on for kids!


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