Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Taming The Untameable

Olivia's hair is beyond wild. I've posted about it previously and provided plenty of pictures as evidence. In fact, just over a year ago I wrote a backwards Works For Me Wednesday looking for suggestions on what to do with her hair. And it has gotten more wild and out of control as time has gone on.
Apparently she is used to it and could care less what it looks like. And I assume she is used to looking at the world through a filter of hair. I am constantly telling her to get her hair out of her face or making that sweeping-my-hand-across-my-forehead motion.

Ponytails and barrettes work for the most part, but they bother her and she is always taking them out or they get loose and fall out on their own.

So you can imagine my excitement when Family Review Network presented me with the opportunity to review LemonHead hair products. Trust me, excited probably doesn't begin to describe it. I would gladly try anything that could possibly tame Olivia's hair.
When I received the LemonHead products, I was instantly impressed with their quality. I received one bandeez headband and one clipeez hair clip. They are both meant to stay in hair, which I so appreciate. The clipeez stays in place thanks to magnets and the bandeez has a row of fine velcro that keeps it on the hair but doesn't pull when coming off.

I think one of the coolest things about both of these products is that they can be worn by any of us girls in the house. The bandeez is adjustable so it fits everyone from Gracie to me.

And for Olivia, the bandeez works. It may not tame the wildness, but it keeps her hair out of her face, which is more than I can say for other things we've attempted. Plus, it stays in place and she doesn't take it off within 5 minutes of me putting it on. That definitely works for me.

You can find out more about the LemonHead products here.

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Jennifer 10:01 PM  

My youngest had hair hanging straight down her face for 2 years. It was a constant to see her swiping her hand across her face to get it out of the way. Finally I had bangs cut. It made such a huge difference. Her hair almost never hangs in her face anymore.

Kirsty 1:11 AM  

Ohhhh...very cool! I have a Gracie with some impressive hair too, must check it out.

Your girls are adorable btw :)

{ L } 1:45 AM  

I don't have any girls, but your daughter is TOO CUTE!

~hon~ 6:05 AM  

She's so adorable!!! I think it has been so long since my last comment. But then, it's great to be back here.


iLoveYou, my dear sister in CHRIST!

Erin @ Closing Time 8:35 PM  

Both of my girls have long hair, and the bandeez looks like it would be perfect for them. Thanks for the tip!

Under the Florida Sun 10:47 PM  

What a cute post!! When my girls were little I had the same issues. When they started liking headbands.. I found freedom..LOL.

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