Thursday, April 09, 2009

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Decor Canisters - Review & Giveaway

My kids have a very active role in the kitchen. They always want to be in there with me and usually one or two of them will be sitting on the counter next to me as I work. This time is a fantastic bonding experience for us. I wouldn't give it up for anything.

However, I do get a little nervous about the kids getting their hands into raw ingredients or other germ-laden things. Wiping down the counters with a hot, soapy rag just doesn't give me much peace of mind.

Enter Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. We have had these wipes in our house for quite a while and I've always been very happy with how they work. Usually we keep them in our laundry room with other household cleaners. That means I tend to forget about them until it's too late.

I think I've found the perfect solution for that problem with the Clorox's new line of Disinfecting Wipes Decor Canisters. These canisters sport a unique shape and a stylish design, making them perfect to leave out on the counter without being an eye-sore.

The wipes pull out easily and are folded so that only one pulls out at a time. I definitely appreciate not having to struggle to get a wipe out when I only have one free hand. And because these are still the original Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, I have the confidence that the germs and bacteria common on kitchen counters are destroyed.

Some facts on the new Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Decor Canisters:

Combining both fashion and function, the Clorox Disinfecting Wipes new Décor canisters will make the days of hiding cleaning products under the sink a distant memory.

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes new Décor canisters:

* Come in eight unique color palettes to match any home décor
* Feature a sleek new shape and wider mouth
* Have a new effortless single sheet dispensing system
* Has the same disinfecting power of their namesake wipes
* Are fashionable enough to be left on the countertop
* Available at retailers nationwide this month

The Giveaway:

I have 3 coupons good for a free Decor canister. I will select 3 winners from the comments next Friday, April 17th. To enter, just leave a comment.

Thanks to Family Review Network for the review and giveaway opportunity.


nanny 9:51 PM  

Looks like a very handy addition to kitchen or any room. I'm in/ha

Anonymous,  10:03 PM  

I am crazy when it comes to raw chicken. After cooking, I wipe down the entire kitchen even if the chicken was no where near an area. I would love to try these out.

Kristi 10:14 PM  

I would love to try these. thanks for the chance.

~Sara 11:26 PM  

Love the holder. I could keep this in any room! Thanks for the giveaway.

Elizabeth Mather 12:04 AM  

What a great idea! Thanks for the giveaway!

Kelley 12:55 AM  

This does seem like a great idea to have in the kitchen!! I would also love to try one!

Bre 2:11 AM  

Wow! SO much cuter than the other containers! Thanks for the giveaway!

Anonymous,  7:21 AM  

What a great giveaway. These sound awesome. Thanks for the giveaway.


The Real Me! 7:54 AM  

I love the new look of the canister and like you I tend to forget them if they aren't in my site. Thanks for posting about it and the giveaway!

Amber 9:11 AM  

I to am paranoid about raw chicken. That holder is nice. I wouldn't mind leaving that sitting out on the countertop.

Mom24 9:47 AM  

I love their wipes, I just wish they weren't charging more for the cute packaging. *sigh*

Andie 12:10 PM  

I use the wipes all the time. I leave mine on the bathroom counter...but the pretty container would be better!!

Chris and Annalisa 12:23 PM  

Those are super cute, I love the new canister. I wouldn't be afraid to leave it out on my counter anymore. ;)


annashopper at gmail dot com

Cassie J.,  12:34 PM  

I use lots of plastic disposable gloves when working with chicken. Raw meat scares me, too.

~Christina 4:19 PM  

Very cool! Thanks for the giveaway!

Joy @ Five J's 5:07 PM  

I actually use these on my piano between lessons. I'd love to win :)

Robin 5:52 PM  

Those actually look nice. I wouldn't mind putting one to use in every bathroom.

Jessica :) 11:06 AM  

I would like to enter please! Love bein' sanitary!

Val 4:47 PM  

Love the blog and lysol!

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