Tuesday, March 03, 2009

WFMW - Greatest Hits Edition

This week is the Greatest Hits edition of Works For Me Wednesday. I'm republishing a favorite WFMW tip of mine from this past year. This post was originally published May 14, 2008 and it is still working for me!

One of the downsides to grocery shopping once a month is that it can take a ridiculously long time to check out.

Since we always shop at the same store I have made every effort to get to know all of the cashiers there. That way, I can choose my line based on which cashier I know is the quickest, friendliest, and most helpful.

For example, my favorite cashier goes out of her way to be quick in scanning all of our purchases. She knows our children and never makes "you've got your hands full" comments. If she does not have a bagger on her lane, she will call for one before she even starts ringing us up. And perhaps most importantly, she always seems duly impressed by our plus card savings! That definitely works for me!

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Sonshine 10:36 PM  

It so helps the checking out process to have someone that is quick and friendly.

I always try to get a cashier that doesn't mind the fact that I have LOTS of coupons for my order.

Jennifer 12:29 AM  

This is a great tip! I don't know my cashiers, however I do look and try my best to guess which one is the nicest. Otherwise, I will have trouble using my coupons. I love the cahiers that are actually excited about my savings.

Wifeof1Momof4 12:53 AM  

Great idea! I try to share coupons or savings with them as well.

Songbirdtiff 12:54 PM  

I do this at Walgreen's. I have a favorite cashier who understands my coupons and that I have a certain way of checking out. She's always patient with problems that come up. Nice cashiers are the best! This is a wonderful tip!

(came over from WFMW)

HappyHermit 3:28 PM  

I understand this. Thank you for sharing.

Sherry 4:54 PM  

It is great to have someone that you know to check you out. :D I had a lady in Japan that was always so friendly and I would purposely go to her lane if I could.

Hadley Coble 8:05 PM  

friendly cashiers make all the difference!

Mom2fur 10:54 AM  

I'm guessing you get a 'good' cashier because you are friendly and respectful! I used to be one, and 90% of the people were nice,8%were fabulous, and 2% were so nasty that it's one reason of several reasons I'd never want to do it again. (Examples: a woman threw her driver's license at me and a man blamed me for the long line. Who needs it?)
I was one of those good cashiers who never hassled anyone about coupons and I actually enjoyed ringing up big orders.
These days, though, I prefer the self-checkout.

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