Friday, May 02, 2008

Day 2 - Grocery Shopping Day

Today's trip to the grocery store went really well. We did something a little different today and went really early. We were out the door by 7:45 because Eric had to be at a 9:30 appointment. Since we have started doing the monthly shopping trip, I need Eric there with me because we fill up two carts. The store was not crowded at all, which was very nice. Also, I think I learned that early morning is the best time to go to find the marked down meat. I was able to get 11 pounds of ground beef for the amount that I had budgeted to spend on 8 pounds! (It was marked down to $1.64/lb.)

Here is my master menu plan for the month. (Click images to make full size.)

As I mentioned yesterday, once I go through my menu plan and decide what we will eat for the month, making out my grocery list is pretty easy. I know everything that I need to make each of the recipes on there. Sometimes it can tricky to figure out exactly how much of something I will need so that I'll have enough for the recipes where it is used, but I've got that down pretty well. It did take quite a bit of trial and error at first though. (The first month I ended up with 10 cans of tomato sauce/paste left, but no pasta and no meat.)

Here is my grocery list (sorry about the coffee stain, I guess that's one drawback to going early). You can see where I did all of my figuring to get my estimated total. I'm pretty pleased with this month's total, although it definitely wasn't as good as last months. My estimate was $256.24, and the actual total was $245.57. I did forget one bag of carrots, but we also bought batteries that I hadn't budgeted in. All in all, I was pretty pleased.

With all of those groceries, we were able to go from this:

To this:

We are all set for the month now, with the exception of milk, yogurt, eggs, and fresh fruits and veggies. The $54 still left in our budget should be plenty to cover what we will need.

Please don't forget to check out the adventures going on in Toni and Joy's kitchens today!


Nancy 3:27 PM  

Looks like you're very well stocked. The advantage to an empty fridge/freezer is that you can wipe it down and have it clean before you fill it up!

Lisa 11:20 PM  

I love what you are doing and i look forward to seeing the rest of the month and recipes as you spend about what we do for the month on food.

Laura 2:37 PM  

SO Fun! Do you just LOVE filling up your carts full of food once a month?! I just really enjoy shopping for food...and coming home and putting it all away! Looks like you did GREAT!

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