Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Under-Priced Entreprenuers

Over the years, we've used lots of different systems for chores. We've also used different systems for chores. Sometimes we've tied the two together. But nothing has ever really stuck.

So when the kids came up with their own plan, Eric and I were very receptive to hearing what they had to say.

Their plan was simple - create a chore chart with assigned earnings for each chore, tally the earnings on the chart and receive payment at the end of the week. They also have specific goals in mind that they want to save up money for. The first is a Webkinz Jr. for Alex and Olivia to share, so that Isabelle can introduce to the world of webkinz.

Eric and I agreed to their plan with the understanding that we'd have the final say over what they came up with. We definitely appreciated their entrepreneurial spirit. Plus, we thought it would be a great outlet for them to display some teamwork and cooperation.

However, we were shocked when we saw their list. Our intelligent, "business-savvy" children came up with this chart:In case you can't read that, let me fill you in.

  • Empty dishwasher - 10 cents
  • Clean bathroom - 30 cents
  • Clean Up - 2 cents - 5 cents, depending on how big the mess is
  • Make our beds - 1 cent
And those prices are for all 3 of the oldest kids collectively! They each make their beds and the group earns a penny.

But for now we're going with it, and Eric and I are planning to tip them generously for their service. Some day we'll sit them down and discuss economics and assigning value to your work.

If it works for them, it works for me!

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Jennifer 11:10 PM  

Oh wow! When they are done over at your house send them my way! I really need my dishwasher unloaded amd I am sooo willing to tip BIG! :)

Kim @ Forever Wherever 11:52 PM  

Cute! I won't let my kids see this post. They work pretty hard some days and it might add up! :-)

Sarah 9:55 AM  

What kind of operation are you running? A sweat shop? Well I guess not if those are the wages the workers set for them selves. That is pretty cute though.

Sherry 10:03 AM  

I love that they came up with a plan. :D I think it works better when sometimes we put things in their hands as they feel responsible. :D

The Blossoming Skillet 10:21 AM  

Your kid's chart was so priceless. I'll double the pay for extra hands around here!

Michele @ Frugal Granola 11:55 AM  

Cute! :) You can tell how much they don't really like cleaning the bathroom, compared to the pricing for the other jobs... what a price hike! :) hehe


NotJustLaura 1:33 PM  

This really made me smile so thank you.

Jenny Beth @ JenuineJen 1:44 PM  

I love the disclaimer "depends on how big the mess is." They seem like very wise children.

Under the Florida Sun 3:47 PM  

How cute! I wish my daughters worked that cheap.. LOL. We actually don't pay them, but they do get an allowance -so if the jobs aren't done.. no allowance.

Cute post!

Jessica 5:54 PM  

What a bargian! When I was a kid it was 50 cents to unload the dishwasher. It must be this poor economy affecting prices. :P

ashley 6:06 PM  

Haha. yes. I don't think I'd teach them about economics and value JUST yet. :)

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home 5:40 PM  

I love their little list! So cute. You can't beat these prices either.

Anonymous,  3:45 PM  

This is too cute!

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