Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Wedding Ring

I love my wedding ring. I've had it since September, I believe. I only take it off when I'm kneading dough or making meatloaf. I really would hate to lose it.
Because I know how that feels. This is my third wedding ring. Although it's not as terrible as it sounds.

When Eric and I first got married, the circumstances were a little unconventional (another story for another day). We were so in love and so focused on getting married that our rings held little concern for us. And honestly, I've never been very into jewelry. So we just purchased a simple ring from a rack in a department store.

A year after we were married, Eric bought me a simple gold band to replace my original $20 ring that I had lost when it fell off my finger. I lost that replacement ring at the hospital when I had Olivia.

We couldn't afford to replace the ring right away and after a while, it just wasn't that important to me. The symbolism behind the ring mattered so much more then anything I put on my finger.

Yet there were times when I wished for a ring. A wedding ring has a lot of value and meaning in our society. Sometimes, it just didn't feel right to not wear a ring. Eric wanted me to have a ring too.

So we packed up all 4 kids and headed out to the jewelry store to pick out my wedding ring. It was kind of comical. We looked at some more traditional ones, but I instantly fell in love with this one. It is much more my style and much more representative of our marriage. It is simple, yet beautiful. It's nontraditional, yet old-fashioned. It fits in every possible way.
I love my ring because it's unique. I found it at just right the time in my life. It is so special and I'm proud to show it off. Kind of like how I feel about my husband!

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Amy Ellen 9:47 PM  

I love this ring! So uniquely beautiful. I know what you mean about not having a ring on... mine has been too big for me all winter and sometimes someone will look at my four kids and then my finger... I can read their face of pity for a single mother of four! But I have a wonderful husband... I need to wear my ring!

HappyHermit 11:16 PM  

Beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to share. I just recently had mine replaced as well.

Janet 12:20 AM  

So Pretty! I just lost my ring. I am glad you got one you love :) Thanks for sharing

The Real Me! 6:48 AM  

That is a beautiful ring. I'd proudly show it off as well!

NotJustLaura 7:08 AM  

It's beautiful - thank you for showing it to us.

Kaycee 11:42 AM  

I love how simple it is. I've lost my ring before and was really upset. I finally found it in my son's toy box. How it got there, I'll never know.

MSW Mom Jan 7:03 PM  

What a beautiful ring! Are those red stones garnets? I love garnets. What a unique style. I hope this ring lasts you a lifetime.

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings 7:13 PM  

Beautiful ring. Beautiful post. I love my ring, too! My husband picked it out all by himself and I couldn't have chosen anything that was more perfect for me!

Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva 10:10 PM  

Your ring is beautiful. I have never been into jewelry. I only wear my earrings and a cross necklace that my mother gave to me three years ago. Even now, my fiance wants to buy me a showy ring but I want something simple. This is a really good post.

Laura Ingalls Gunn 10:37 AM  

Happy Friday, Happy Spring, Happy~Happy Everything!

JessieLeigh 7:25 PM  

What a beautiful ring! I AM very much a jewelry girl. :) We picked out matching simple platinum bands in Aruba together and I love having that special memory.

Your ring is unique and lovely- thanks for sharing it with us!

Amy @ Finer Things 9:04 PM  

How lovely! And a truly special story to go with it. Hmmm, maybe I'll tell my ring story sometime!

Mrs. Petrie 11:39 PM  

A great ring when you have kids and lots of work to do with your hands. Lovely and modern.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses 11:52 AM  

I love unique wedding and engagement rings, and yours is beautiful! My husband gave me a ring on our anniversary last year that I've been wearing instead of my wedding ring, just because it feels more like "me" at this time in my life. Sometimes change is good. :-)

Christina 6:06 PM  

Your ring is gorgeous! I'm a not-too-traditional wedding ring girl too. ; ) My wedding ring is simple but was custom made to fit around my engagement ring, a graceful ruby ring that was originally my mother-in-law's engagement ring.

Phillips Phamily Mama 1:53 PM  

Love your ring! Thanks for sharing, and I'd love to hear the "story for another time"!

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