Sunday, March 15, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - Week of 3/16

I have a really busy week ahead of me this week, so I'm relying on some easy favorites. Well, except for St. Patrick's Day. I grew up eating corned beef and potato pancakes every St. Patrick's Day, so I've loved carrying on that tradition. And Eric doesn't complain at all, since he LOVES corned beef! I've got a big corned beef so that I can guarantee leftovers for hash later in the week. And I'm sure Eric will be eating corned beef sandwiches a few times a day until it's gone.




  • M - Something with ground beef and pasta
  • T - Corned beef, cabbage, carrots, potato pancakes and rye bread, sugar cookies w/green frosting
  • W - Cheesy pasta casserole, zucchini, breadsticks
  • Th - Wet burritos, skillet corn
  • F - Homemade corned beef hash, leftover cabbage & carrots
  • S - Monterey chicken, corn on the cob, onion straws
  • Su - TBD
Stop by $5 Dinners where Erin is hosting MPM for Laura this week.


Your Frugal Friend, Niki 10:10 PM  

Yum! Sounds like a great week, especially that Pepperoni Pasta Salad.


$5 Dinner Mom 10:53 PM  

Have a super St. Paddy's Day meal! Looks scrumptious :)


alwaysadorable 11:54 PM  

I have fallen down on my meal planning this past month and feel the strain it causes! Thanks for the little reminder to get busy with it so my life this week will be a bit easier! Your menu sounds absolutely delicious!!!

HappyHermit 5:10 PM  

Thank you for sharing.

Ruth Saves $ 6:02 PM  

Good job keeping your menu chock full of fruits and veggies. Looks yummy!

Jennifer 11:14 PM  

I made those breakfast cookies today! :) And the cheesy pasta casserole is now one of my family's favorites!

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