Monday, March 09, 2009

A Day Off For The Whole Family

This past Saturday, our whole family enjoyed a day off. This may not seem like a big deal, but for us it was.

You see, for over a year now, Eric has worked 7 days a week. Our weekends aren't much different then our weekends. While Eric is home to eat dinner with us on the weekend, he does have to work during the day and after the kids go to bed on Sunday nights.

Due to circumstances of Eric's business, we will now have all day on Saturdays together.

We really enjoyed our first Saturday day-off. We took our time in the morning and ate a leisurely breakfast. I did some stuff online while Eric cleaned out his car from the work week. We ate a nice lunch together. Then we went to the Y and spent some time in the pool together. We got home, and relaxed some more. The kids ate a nice dinner and went to bed. Eric and I shared some take-out from a local restaurant where we can use our trade dollars. We ate while we watched a movie together.

That was us at our best. Not doing much of anything, but loving doing it together! It was wonderful and I'm grateful we'll have many more days like this in our future.

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HappyHermit 11:09 PM  

It is wonderful to spend a day with family.

Michele @ Frugal Granola 12:38 PM  

Oh, what an incredible blessing! Those days off make such a wonderful difference in family life, I think. We've sure appreciated Calvin's new schedule with days off.

Now I really need to get organized, to coordinate a date at home for us, too!

Michele :)

Sarah 12:54 PM  

Nice! I remember seasons of my husband working so much and the joy that came with a day off.

Rebecca 3:52 PM  

I'm glad your husband gets one day a week off now, I'm sure you're all enjoying it. Happy Saturdays!

Sherry 5:45 PM  

That is great! I can imagine it has been hard with having him work so much.

Dreamer 6:20 PM  

Oh, I bet you loved having him home. My hubby is out of town this week and I can't wait until he gets back I have a whole lot of nothing planned too!

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