Monday, February 09, 2009

Things I Love

There are so many things that I love and am simultaneously grateful for - so many things that make my life incredible in big and small ways.

  • I love my faith and all of the ways God's love is felt on a daily basis. I love teaching my children about the sacrifices of Jesus and how to grow in their own faith. I love knowing that I am never alone. I love having a Book to turn to that always has all of the answers.
  • I love my husband who laughs with me, supports me, loves me, and proudly proclaims that I am his best friend. I love my husband for being a remarkable father who loves his children and always makes time to play with them. I love his dedication and work ethic. I love that we still hold hands.
  • I love my children who make my life full, complete and ridiculously happy every single day. I love the delight my children take in simple things. I love that their eagerness to learn, share hugs and kisses, and laugh loudly and easily.
  • I love that my home is exactly as big as it needs to be. I love that it is a simple and comfortable refuge.
  • I love my parents who have always supported and encouraged me. I love that they were excited for my trip to Nashville. I love that they believe in me. I love knowing, even at 32, I am still their little girl.
  • I love blogging, the outlet it provides, and the inherent opportunities. I love the community of the blogosphere and the incredible friendships I've formed.
  • I love coffee. I love the way the last cup of the day tastes as good as the first. I love my coffee mugs that have been collected through the years and the memories tied to each. I love that Toni knows me well enough that she brought a bag of coffee with her to Blissdom, just so I could have my coffee-fix and so that she and Joy wouldn't have to deal with me without my caffeine!
  • I love homeschooling our children. I love the way their natural desire to learn can be nourished and encouraged. I love the books we study together and the impromptu lessons we enjoy together while just living our life. I love that we get to eat lunch together everyday. I love our lack of a strict time schedule that allows us to occasionally dawdle in the morning and stay in our pajamas until 10 o'clock (or later).
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Homesteader in Training 6:06 AM  

I love all of those things in my own life as well.
Don't you just love being a Mom and having a family?

Dreamer 9:26 AM  

What a nice post for Valentine's day. I think I need to start this tradition on my own blog. Thanks for the inspiration

Lindy 10:03 AM  

Great post! We all need to think more about what we have as opposed to what we don't have. When I stop and think about it, I realize I have everything that I need.

Jen 10:50 AM  

I loved your list. Great post. Have a wonderful day.

Sherry 11:47 AM  

Great list! That is great that Toni brought you coffee. :D LOL!

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