Monday, February 09, 2009

A Tackle That I Had Very Little To Do With

A few weeks before I left for Blissdom, we started having some issues with our laptop. It was nothing major - just running a bit slower then it should. Then, a few days before I left, the battery stopped holding a charge. The laptop ran just fine when plugged in but it could not be used on just the battery.

This was a major concern for me since I was counting on being able to use the laptop throughout the conference. I took it anyhow and figured I'd just have to make do and use it only when I could plug it in.

So you can imagine my excitement when I realized there was a team from Geek Squad stationed outside the conference rooms just for us bloggers. They were there to help us with any computer issues we had. I couldn't resist at least asking about the issues the laptop was having.

The Geek Squad employee that helped me did much more than just answer my question. (Boy do I wish I had gotten her name so that I could send her a personal thank you note!) She looked over the laptop and offered to try a few things. She believed it was probably an easy fix.

I had to head into a panel discussion and she offered to continue working on the laptop. When I went to pick it up afterwards, she hadn't yet solved the problem completely. So she continued to work on it.

At the end of that day, there was one other fix needed that she had not been able to take care of because she couldn't reach someone on the phone. She told me to bring it back the next day and she'd get it all taken care of. I couldn't believe how helpful she was.

The next day I brought it back and she got to work on the laptop. By the end of the first session, my laptop was running in perfect condition! I can't even begin to express how impressed I was with her hard work and dedication, as well as that of the entire team from Geek Squad that helped all of us bloggers. Their knowledge and incredible customer service just floored me.

So, although I had very little to do with this, the problem with our laptop is now tackled, thanks to an awesome Geek Squad employee who truly went above and beyond.

I have so many things to share about my weekend at Blissdom and about spending some wonderful time with Joy and Toni. That will have to wait until tomorrow night though!

Until then, stop by 5 Minutes For Mom for more Tackle It Tuesday.


L2L 5:15 AM  

isn't God so good!!! what a blessing from above.

Elisabeth 8:49 AM  

We're having some laptop computer issues too. We also have a computer that died with some of our pictures still on it. I have to get those! Thinks for the heads up on the Geek Squad.

I'm looking forward to hearing about Blissdom.


Susie 8:58 AM  

What a great thing to offer outside a conference! Love it:-)

Sara 9:00 AM  

Geek Squad is amazing. I too had such great service I wanted to send a thank you note!

Tanya 9:32 AM  

How convenient. I'm happy that your problems were resolved! Go Geek Squad!

Sherry 11:42 AM  

Sweet! I know you are glad to have it all fixed.

Diane 1:13 PM  

The Geek Squad is on my speed dial! ;)

What a great resource for a conference to host!

Happy TT!


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