Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Making Valentine's Day Special For Our Kids

Due to the excitement and insistence of Isabelle, all of our kiddos are ridiculously excited for Valentine's Day. This excitement is rather contagious and has my mind spinning with all kinds of possible ways to celebrate the day as a family.

In previous years we really haven't done much to celebrate Valentine's Day. Eric and I have never been ones to make a huge deal of the holiday. In fact, we don't even exchange gifts or even cards or chocolate. Instead, we choose to celebrate simply by just enjoying some special quality time together. For us, that makes a wonderful Valentine's Day.

But this year, largely because of the anticipation of the kids (and partially because of all the wonderful encouragement and inspiration that's part of the "Valentine's Exchange of Inspiration and Ideas), we're making it a bigger deal. Fortunately, all of our children find immense enjoyment in simple things, just like Eric and I. This will help to keep our Valentine's Day frugal and fun.

Here are a few of our plans:

  • We are going to make some large envelopes for each of us to hang on our wall and all day Friday and Saturday, we'll leave little notes for each other.
  • We're going to make some sugar cookies or cupcakes and frost them with pink frosting. Then we'll decorate them with conversation hearts and red sugar.
  • We'll print out some coloring and activity pages from here and here. We'll color them on Thursday and hang them up on our walls and in our windows.
  • We are going to create Valentine's Day cards the old-fashioned way (construction paper, doilies, ribbons, etc.) to mail to family and friends, as well as to deliver to our neighbors (along with a cookie or cupcake).
  • We'll play some of these games before dinner on Saturday night.
  • We will not be buying a lot of candy. Instead, we will buy one small heart-shaped box of chocolates that we can all enjoy and savor together in one sitting.
  • We'll be eating fun and special Valentine's meals throughout the day.
Helping our children to celebrate Valentine's day in a big way, while still keeping it simple and frugal, definitely works for me!

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~~tonya~~ 11:22 PM  

Those are some great ideas!! Thanks for sharing. I will use some of them.

Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva 11:35 PM  

This year we are celebrating Valentine's very simply as well. I am really excited about this, because my boys are getting more excited about the holidays now that they are older. I have a lot of crafts planned out for the day, and I think I am more excited about them then they are.

Kim @ Forever Wherever 11:42 PM  

Thanks for sharing your Valentine's Day ideas! Simple is good!

Dave 12:15 AM  

Great Ideas. My 9 year old is really pysched about valentines day this year. I think I'll try a few of your suggestions!

Kirsty 1:06 AM  

Thanks for the great ideas! Spending quality time together really makes for the best memories. Have a great V-day!

avagdro 1:50 AM  

Thank you Kate,Eric,Kiddos great ideas besides flexible.Wish you all in advance a great joyful Valentine's get together.

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Raise Them Up 8:24 AM  

I especially like the family time idea. Maybe this is a good time to watch a movie with a love theme...Hmmmm.

Ever After is always one of my favorites. I wonder if I can convince all the males in the house to watch it with me. :)

Elizabeth 9:23 AM  

Great ideas!

Sherry 9:26 AM  

Great ideas to make Valentine's special! WE're going to make it special but not break the bank. Dh did buy me my favorite chocolates, although he doesn't know that I know. They will be delivered. Last night the kids made up Valentine shoeboxes for notes and dh and I made up folders. They were so excited to make these!

JessieLeigh 12:51 PM  

These are such great ideas for fun things to do together without spending a bundle... hope you make lots of fun Valentine's memories together!

Faith - That's Just Freaking Lovely 4:10 PM  

Those are some great ideas! My daughter just loves holidays so we do it up for all of them. I'm planning on doing a few of these ideas myself!

Best Life 10:45 PM  

Great ideas! My kids love Valentine's Day because I always try to make it special. They see Daddy doing sweet things for Mommy and I try to make a heart shaped breakfast and I do give them cards. I love your idea of just giving them one sitting of candy and not a whole bunch. Have a great Valentine's Day! Lisa~

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