Monday, February 09, 2009

Glade Sense & Spray Review and Giveaway

4 kids + small house + 1 bathroom = a sometimes smelly home. Because of that, I was thrilled with the opportunity presented by Family Review Network to review the new Glade Sense & Spray.

Over the past few days, we've experimented with the best location for our "good smelling thing," as the kids call it. Honestly, it's been great in every spot but now I think our Glade Sense & Spray has taken up permanent residence in the bathroom. It's worked fantastically. We all love the Apple Cinnamon scent that makes our house smell like fall.

However, even better than the great Glade scent we've all come to know and love is the way the Glade Sense & Spray works. I think this qualifies as the smartest air freshener ever! It has a built-in motion sensor so that it only releases a puff of air when there is movement in the area. After the initial spray, at least 30 minutes must pass before it will spray again. (Although if more scent is needed sooner, you can manually press the button.) This is a great way to conserve the refill.

Glade is offering to send one Sense & Spray to one of my readers. To enter, just let me know which of the following Glade Sense & Spray scents would be your favorite:

  • Apple cinnamon
  • Clean linen
  • Country garden
  • Powder fresh
I'll choose one winner on Monday, February 16th.

This post was written for Family Review Network as part of a program by SC Johnson, who also supplied the product for review and giveaway.


Brenda 11:29 PM  

I would love the apple cinnamon scent and I have seen these glade spray and am intrigued by the idea. Thanks for all the great information and recipes you provide.

Candi 12:12 AM  

I love the clean linen smell...I buy it sometimes for my glade scented oil plugin. I haven't yet tried the sense & spray...sound like a great idea.

Kelley 12:18 AM  

Clean linen - I love clean smelling clothes!!

I will put mine in the laundry room as that's how we typically enter the house. And that's where we take off our shoes.

Shoes that don't smell so nice.

Enough said!

J 6:44 AM  

After a night of the stomach bug among three kids and my very pregnant self clean linen would be a welcomed odor. Thanks for the details I always wondered if they "really" work.

Anonymous,  8:10 AM  

What a great idea. The liquid usually disappears so fast and I think you only really need it when someone is actually in there.

I'd love clean linen or country

Anonymous,  9:17 AM  

I would like the apple cinnamon. I love fall!


Tonya 9:21 AM  

Apple Cinnamon,I love anything sweet.
tmw1223 at gmail dot com

Anonymous,  9:26 AM  

Apple Cinnamon is the best - I have a cat and a rabbit as well as kids and the plug ins go so fast. I would love to try this but since I bought all the plug ins, I have shied away from spending the money on this!

Kristi 2:23 PM  

I'd like to try the clean linen scent.

Brenda 3:07 PM  

Apple cinnamon

Cambri 3:13 PM  

Since moving, it seems that the unpleasant odors in our new home seem to linger longer than those in our old. I would love to get a whiff of Apple Cinnamon instead of garbage can!

Nita 3:16 PM  

Oh, I think country garden. It's warming up down here, but no flowers yet to make things smell nice.

Anonymous,  4:22 PM  

ooh... I'd love the clean linen!!!

bison61 4:45 PM  

I would like the apple cinnamon

tiramisu392 (at)

MartinKazAdoption 5:40 PM  

I love clean linen and apple cinnamon... not sure which I like better.321`

Anonymous,  5:53 PM  

I'm an apple cinnamon girl myself. It reminds me of grandma's house.

Kristalyn 6:38 PM  

I saw this commercial and would wanted to try it. I would like to try the apple cinamon.

Stacie 7:05 PM  

I like Apple Cinnamon.

Sue D 10:00 PM  

I know I like the apple cinnamon scent from their candles but I think I would like to try the clean linen smell.
slrdowney at hotmail dot com

Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva 11:40 PM  

I know that clean linen would be my favorite smell. I love anything with a clean smell. Right now I am using febreze in linen & sky, and I spray it every chance that I get.

Jinxy and Me 1:22 AM  

Clean Linen sounds great. Thanks for the giveaway!

Paige 10:14 AM  

Clean linen sounds so nice.

Amber 12:13 PM  

I love the apple cinnamon...anything that has spice is always wonderful.

Mommyhood is Thankless 2:20 AM  

I would love to try Clean Linen!


Anonymous,  3:17 PM  

I would like to try the clean linen scent! sounds perfect!

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