Monday, February 16, 2009

Smaller Packaging Means Easier Stretching

Every single month in our house includes at least one day when I prepare large quantities (over 10 pounds) of ground beef in one day. While some of that meat gets turned into meatballs, meatloaf cups and other things, a large portion of it is just browned with a few onions.
Once the meat is browned, I package it into individual bags for the freezer. I always make small packages of meat though. Usually, I stick to about a cup and a half of ground beef per bag. I know it doesn't seem like much, but it really works out well.When I am making a casserole or dish with other protein sources, such as beans or cheese, I'll just use one bag. Other times when I'm making a dish that requires more meat, like tacos or sloppy joes, I'll use 2 or 3 bags. Easy!Stop by Tammy's Recipes for more Kitchen Tips.


Leah 12:02 AM  

I have such a hard time freezing prepared food. It never tastes as good and gets all icy inside the package. I even have saran wrapped and use freezer bags. Any tips about freezing?

creative gal 7:18 AM  

I like that Idea!! I may try it (of course, I don't need nearly as much meat for just me, but I think it would be good to do say, 1/2 the amount! May give it a try!!

Sonshine 9:41 AM  

I do this all the time with my ground beef! Boy does it make for easy dinner prep when the meat is already browned and ready to go! :)

Leah, I use freezer bags for my ground beef and to make sure that it doesn't get all icy inside the bag I allow the ground beef to cool in a bowl or pan BEFORE putting it into the bags! Also make sure that the beef is drained very well as the grease can cause "icy conditions" in the freezer bags. Once your meat is in the bag, suck out all the air in the bag and stick it in the freezer. :)

I am sure that Kate has more tips in the freezing food dept. for you because she does more of it than me! :) I just stick with freezing cooked meats and baked goods. :)

Kristen 9:44 AM  

I try to do this, too. Every time I find hamburger on sale, I buy tons, cook it up and put it in meal sized containers. It makes putting dinners together so much easier!

Lynn 2:03 PM  

Great tip. A friend of mine who does this calls it "whack-a-meal." She takes the packages of cooked ground beef out of the freezer, whacks them on the counter, and voila! She's got an almost instant meal :)

Katie 4:49 PM  

Great idea, have never done this but I think it'll cut way down on time in the kitchen on a busy night.

Under the Florida Sun 6:58 PM  

Oh I used to do this a long time ago while I was organized..LOL. This has inspired me to maybe do it again.
Great job!

Rina 1:27 PM  

That's a really great idea, thanks for sharing!

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