Thursday, February 19, 2009

Revisiting Quality Time With My Husband

I am really fortunate in the amount of time I have for blogging. Most nights I have at least 3 hours between when I put the kids to bed and when Eric gets home from work. I can really get a lot of blog writing and reading done during that time.

However, up until a few weeks ago, I would continue blogging even after Eric got home. I would warm his dinner, talk to him for a few minutes and then get right back to the computer. We were in the same room and able to chat with each other whenever we wanted, but I always felt like Eric didn't have 100% of my attention.

Now, I've really refocused myself so that I can still get the same amount of work done and have some special quality time with Eric too. After all, spending time with my husband is right at the top of my Finer Things list.

A lot of nights we watch something on Hulu or just the news. We recently just finished getting caught up on this season of 24. What we watch isn't nearly as important as the fact that we are watching it together, side by side.

This past Saturday night (Valentine's night), we watched Fireproof together. We both really enjoyed the movie and the conversation-starter it provided. In fact, we loved it so much we ordered the book The Love Dare. Now we are both looking forward to reading through it together and including it in our evening routines.

There is nothing finer then spending time with my husband and deepening our bond as husband and wife.

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Michele @ Frugal Granola 2:14 AM  

Definitely a finer thing! :) I'd love to hear about how you like the "Love Dare." We really enjoyed the "Fireproof" book!

Michele :)

Homesteader in Training 6:50 AM  

We loved Fireproof. You know what's funny? My parents, who also loved the movie, are doing the love dare after 56 years of marriage! LOL. They probably could have written it! I thought it was cute.

Jennifer 7:01 AM  

That is so wonderful that you have started spending more time with your hubby. I am so torn between getting my kids to sleep before my hubby gets home so I can spend more time with him, or putting them to bed an hour after he gets home so that he can spend some time with them. I am not quite sure how to manage my hubby spending time with the kids when he works so much. I wish he would slow down, but he has goals and I am a sahm.

Wendi 8:30 AM  

"Fireproof" is next in our Netflix queue - but it has a LONG wait. We loved the first two movies by the same production company - "Facing the Giants" and "Flywheel".

Amy @ Finer Things 9:46 AM  

Quality time... definitely a Finer Thing, and one that is too easy to let slip away. Thanks for the reminder! I have some rescheduling to do...

Sherry 10:46 AM  

It is so easy to take the ones closest to us for granted! Let me know how you like the book, too.

The Mangerchine's 12:23 PM  

My husband and I loved Fireproof and I just got Love Dare for my birthday. I can't wait to start on it and find ways to purposefully and intentionally love my husband better on a daily basis, nurture my heart of gratitude, and spur creative ideas for how to express my love.


JessieLeigh 2:42 PM  

Oh, quality time with the husband is a finer thing indeed! I have to admit that it is actually my blogging that suffers if Tom is home. You may notice that on long weekends, there's never anything new. I can't stand to get on the computer if he's home. Sometimes I feel guilt about THAT. But I guess it's good that I get to enjoy all that time with him!

We really have to watch Fireproof sometime...

Sarah 4:40 PM  

I got Fireproof as a gift for Valentines day! Loved it! So glad you are able to discipline yourself so you have more time with your Husband.

Sandi 6:09 PM  

That is the best movie I've seen in years!

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