Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's The Month To Stockpile

In our house, we stick to a pretty strict and frugal grocery budget. We plan for $350 a month, but we usually keep it closer to $325 a month. For a 30-day month, that works out to right around $10.50 per day.

So since it is February and we only have 28 days in the month this year, that means two extra days, or $21 extra dollars in the monthly budget. This is the perfect opportunity to do a little stockpiling!

I will admit that I've never been very good at stockpiling. But this month, that is all going to change. I am definitely going to take advantage of the extra $21 leeway to build up a small stockpile.

I've noticed many stores this month are running everyone's favorite 10 for $10 sales. Basically that means I can stock up on 20 extra things. I know it's not much, but it's a great start, especially if I can add to it a little bit each month.

If you are like me and don't have a lot of extra space to hold a grocery stockpile, here are some of the ideas I'm toying with to make a little extra room.

  • Under the beds. This is prime real estate in our house. The space under the kids' beds holds their under-the-bed drawers, but the space under our bed is used mainly as a dust collector. I can clean that out and have lots of extra room if I'm creative in stacking.
  • Top of the closet. Our closets go all the way up to our ceiling but the usable storage space ends far below that. We could easily install an extra shelf above the current one and have lots of extra stockpile space.
  • Consolidating stuff. We could easily consolidate some of our pots and pans or plastic storage containers to make extra space in our cabinets.
Are you stockpiling this month? What are you stocking up on?

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Michele @ Frugal Granola 2:19 AM  

I stocked up this month! In fact, I just put away my co-op order. I stocked up on a case of coconut milk, a case of apples, some supplies for making cleaning/hygiene items, and some grains. It's such a blessing to see those full cupboards! :)


Sonshine 8:48 AM  

Get yourself some boxes to use under your bed--makes it easier to pull out items to use. :)

As for stocking up, I just did some of the basic items, like canned veggies. I also got a stash of snacks that I just can't make from scratch, like crackers.

Brooke 9:39 AM  

actually, i'm doing just the opposite, making my grocery shopping barebones ($30 so far this MONTH) to make sure that we can actually use what we've stockpiled. from my low grocery total, i'd say the answer is yes! :)

Anonymous,  10:38 AM  

Very good idea. Thanks for sharing. I would have never thought. Hey, I think your grocery budget is great. But does that include household cleaners, washing powder, toliet paper. I am curious. I am trying to revamp my budget. I need to lower it. But it seems so hard.

Your Frugal Friend, Niki 6:33 PM  

We recently bought an extra freezer so we've been stockpiling manager's special meats.

Mostly we stockpile non-food items though like feminine products, deodorant, toothpaste, razors, shampoo, etc.

Sarah 5:54 PM  

I often have a small stockpile. Right now I have a stockpile in our freezer of various cuts of buffalo, some chickens and cheese! I totally bought cheese at 50% off a couple of weeks ago. 3 large blocks for less than $15.00 it was totally a bargain. In my town they have a day in December called midnight madness. There are crazy sales for each hour of the day. Butter for $1 a pound, eggs $1 a dozen...etc so I hope to do my stock piling then even though it is so close to Christmas. Wow that is a long comment!

Christina 6:23 PM  

Pasta! I my husband is a "pasta snob" (his own term) ; ) so when barilla goes on sale for 10 for $10 I stock up big time. I also tend to stock up meat when it is on a good sale. I'm very fortunate in having a generous section of food storage shelves in the basement...but it seems like I'm still always rearranging.

Lylah 3:38 PM  

I've been working diligently on my year long pantry. Have divided it into A (for active) B (for back up) and C (for crisis). The C is one we don't touch and it's stored for long term (years) usage. I've done part one of my year long pantry experience over at the lylah blog.

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