Sunday, January 18, 2009

Menu Plan - Week of 1/19

I'm planning to finish up a few things for the freezer this week, with the thought of starting to prepare for my time away at Blissdom. I'd like to scatter that out so I'm going to start a little this week. I'd also like to get a few other things in the freezer that we can use throughout the rest of the month.

I'm hoping to try a few new baking recipes at some point this week also. I need a few light treats on hand for myself in the evenings and some snacks for the kids that won't be so tempting to me.


  • M - Banana oatmeal, toast
  • T - Cheesy scrambled eggs, English muffin bread
  • W - Banana muffins, smoothies
  • Th - Pancakes
  • F - Morning glory muffins (from the freezer. I made these last week and they are SO good!)
  • S - Bacon waffles
  • Su - Peanut butter toast, smoothies


  • M - Tuna pasta salad, peaches
  • T - Quesadillas, yogurt, carrot sticks
  • W - Cream cheese wontons, oranges
  • Th - Garbanzo soup (recipe later this week), apple slices
  • F - Pizza bread, carrot & raisin salad
  • S - Black bean soup (from freezer), leftover corn bread
  • Su - Crackers, cheese, peanut butter, celery, apples


  • M - Ricotta pasta w/ spinach
  • T - Chicken & broccoli curry casserole over rice
  • W - BBQ biscuit cups, skillet corn
  • Th - Red beans & rice, sauteed greens, corn bread
  • F - Sweet & sour chicken, fried rice
  • S - Beef taquitos, guacamole, black bean salad
  • Su - Crispy turkey cutlets w/ bacon-cranberry brussel sprouts
Stop by Org Junkie for more Menu Plan Monday.


Candi 10:14 PM  

Are you going to post the recipe for BBQ biscuit cups?

Lora 8:33 AM  

Mmmmm...those bacon waffles sound so yummy!

Christina 12:18 PM  

The morning glory muffins DO look amazing! Perhaps I will try them this week since I seem to have everything on hand.

Sherry 12:43 PM  

Great looking menu! I love chicken broccoli curry casserole. It is delish! I have to leave half of it without broccoli for dh but thankfully the kids eat it. :D

Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva 5:51 PM  

Your menu sounds really good this week. Especially the Chicken Broccoli Curry Casserole. That is definitely getting bookmarked for me to try.

Anonymous,  9:09 PM  

Delicious menu. I love sweet & sour chicken!

Anonymous,  8:18 PM  

Delicious looking menu

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