Monday, January 05, 2009

Because I Have To Use Up All The Leftover Christmas Baking Ingredients Before I Eat Them

I've been trying to clean out my baking cabinet now that the Christmas baking rush is over. The only problem is that there are still lots of leftover goodies. So, I have started making different snacks for the kids a few times a week in effort to use up all those goodies that tend to call my name.

I'll admit that most of these fall under the "treat" category as opposed to the "snack" category, but I'm okay with that as long as it's only once or twice a week.

Their current favorite is microwaved s'mores. So quick...but yet so kid-friendly and delicious.

Like a traditional s'more, all you need is some graham crackers, some marshmallows, and some chocolate. I'm trying to use up a 5 lb. bag of chocolate chips and a bag of mini marshmallows, so that's what I've been using.
Line a plate with graham crackers, top with a few handfuls of mini-marshmallows and chocolate chips, and cook for about a minute in the microwave. (Watch carefully or the marshmallows will burn, and not in a good campfire-burn way.) Your kids will thank you!
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Linda 9:39 PM  

Great idea! I have some of those ingredients to use up also. The marshmallows always end up sticking together if you don't use them.

Deanna 9:46 PM  

My boys have been smearing chocolate icing on graham crackers and eating them as snacks. They have created the weirdest and they think wonderful snacks from my leftover baking ingredients!

Elizabeth 9:51 PM  

MMMMmmmmmmmm!! I think we might do that for the boys' snack tomorrow.

Michele @ Frugal Granola 9:52 PM  

Oh- microwaved s'mores. :) I used to make those all the time! I would add peanut butter sometimes, too.


Abby 10:04 PM  

Good idea. I bet the kids love them!

Brooks 10:08 PM  

Thats a great idea! My husband will enjoy this one more then my kids!

lana 10:15 PM  

hummm that gives me an idea... we have all those ingredients down stairs....gotta run!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace 10:15 PM  

I love the title of this post. Don't we all feel that way, right now. LOL. Thanks for participating in TMTT.

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home 5:31 AM  

Great way to use up your ingredients. I love smores!

Sonshine 8:01 AM  

those look yummy! I wished more of my crew liked marshmallows. :)

Anonymous,  8:21 AM  

My kids love sweet potato casserole topped with mini marshmellows :)

Phoebe 8:25 AM  

What a great idea! We love s'mores around here, never thought of doing them in the microwave.

Great title!

Lynn 10:34 AM  

My kids love doing this. They think it is so fun and good.

Sherry 10:48 AM  

Oh, how yummy! WE love s'mores!!

Lisa 11:14 AM  

I do this with regular sized marshmallows. I like to watch them puff up in the microwave. Yep, I am easily amused.

Kirstin 12:59 PM  

My girls do this too and love it. I like them under the broiler (C:

Brenda 1:16 PM  

Why did you show me that?! Now I will have to try it!

Live.Love.Eat 3:37 PM  

Awesome and easy idea!!!!!

Lynn 4:26 PM  

These are yummy. I made some in the microwave for a friend's party a couple months ago, and we served them in little cupcake papers -- made it easy to handle them.

I just posted a recipe with chocolate chips (a rice krispie/chocolate pie crust you fill with ice cream for a nummy dessert), if you have more of those chocolate chips to use up ;)

shopannies 6:49 PM  

thats a good idea get rid of those ingredients so they dont crash into the new year

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