Wednesday, January 28, 2009

13 Oh-So-Clever Giveaway Commentors

I have had so much fun this week reading all of the comments on my Bloggy Giveaway post. When I posted about the whisk I had originally intended to use for the giveaway, I had no idea I'd get so many clever comments in return.
Above is the whisk in its original state and below is the whisk after I carelessly dropped it on the floor.
Here are 13 of my favorite comments I've gotten on this predicament.

  1. Southerner said...Aw, poor headless whisk! You killed her. Quick, get the super glue. Add some pearls so she feels beautiful. Stand her in a special crock until she is needed to whisk away the night.
  2. Skywaywaver said...Oh what that lovely whisk lady gave up for the name of the Bloggy Carnival!
  3. angelacisco said...She was very cute.may she rest in pieces.Thanks for the giveaway!
  4. Jaime said...That is how I feel most days....running around like a mom with her head cut off. So that item might have been appropriate! LOL
  5. mannequin said...Oh, I'm so sorry over your loss. And ours too. She was so beautiful. Too bad she was badly beaten.
  6. Amber said...RIP dear cute whisk, though you may be broken, you're still missed and appreciated ;)
  7. Shannon said...Isn't life just like that? Just when things are going smoothly....your head falls off!
  8. paula h said...You could leave the head off and call it "artsy".
  9. Estelle said...Too bad about the whisk. It was really cute. She reminds me of myself. I always lose my head when I'm in the kitchen!
  10. Marin... said...Hold a new giveaway and include a tube of krazy glue?
  11. Jesica said...that is the cutest whisk I've ever seen. I'm so sorry it's gone, now. So sad. We should have a moment of silence.
  12. Roxy with your head ! well thats too bad she broke her neck over your giveaway. ;)
  13. carlton170 said...She must have been a wife of King Henry VIII, they were always getting their heads chopped off!
Do you have any others for me? I'd LOVE to hear them! If you haven't entered the alternate giveaway yet, you can do that here.

And don't forget to stop by Happy To Be At Home to link up your Thursday {thirteen} post.


Joy @ Five J's 11:09 PM  

How funny! You have some creative readers. :)

Homesteader in Training 6:28 AM  

I think you should have just not said anything, held it together long enough to get a picture and then when we received it all broken you could have blamed it on our lovely mailing system! Pass the blame I always say!!LOL.

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