Monday, December 22, 2008

Buying Presents At The Last Minute? Not This Year!

Eric and I both suffer from gift-giving procrastination. Individually this wouldn't be so bad, but when combined, it gets a little tricky. There have been many a shopping trip on December 24th in our house.

But this year I am proud to say that will not be happening because this year, we tackled our procrastinating ways. We finished all of our shopping today, December 22nd. It feels really good too.
I think part of what really helped us this year was that we had to buy half of our gifts before Thanksgiving to take to my parents house. That only left us with having to buy presents for the kids and Eric's family, for a total of 7 people. It's really not that difficult shopping for 7 people.

On top of that is the fact that we really don't go overboard for the kids. We buy them a few things that they really want (which isn't many) and that's it. It's just that we know they don't really play with actual toys that often. They'd rather be making up games and playing together or imitating Eric and I. If we were really only going to get them something that would get used on a daily basis, we'd buy them a box of paper, some tape, and markers and crayons. (I'll have to remember that for next year!)

Anyhow, I can't get over how good it feels to have the shopping done. The wrapping though? That's another story. I think Eric and I might continue our long-standing tradition of wrapping presents on Christmas Eve after everyone goes to bed. At least we're making some progress.

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Sonshine 9:53 PM  

LOL! I have to laugh because gift purchasing around here seems to last til December 24th as well. However, this year we are done early as well, hubby finished things today! As of tonight, I have all but two gifts wrapped and those are for my hubby. So I am in pretty good shape. :)

Anonymous,  10:58 PM  

My kids are soooo the same way!

Krisi and Adam 4:50 AM  

Great job on getting done. I have had MOST done for awhile but have a few stragling things left to pick up tomorrow (when I can go without the kids)!

Hadias 7:55 AM  

I'm usually a last minute shopper too, but not this year. Great tackle.

AmyG 9:48 AM  

We use to be last minute shoppers, as well, but we were able to get ours done a few weeks back. Stocking stuffers were the only thing we had left to do, which got done yesterday. I also use to wrap everything Christmas Eve, but I got that done last night, as well! Whoohoo!! I don't have to do anything, but relax tomorrow night! Yay!

Anonymous,  10:39 AM  

Congratulations on having your shopping done! Merry Christmas.

Suzy 11:42 AM  

I always enjoy staying up late with my husband on Christmas Eve and wrapping presents together. I just have to not look too closely at his wrapping jobs!

Christina 4:17 PM  

paper, pens, and tape of my very own would have made me one happy little girl. ; ) I'm glad that you had happy shopping success!

Amy 6:17 PM  

Good job getting all of your shopping done! Have a fun Christmas!

Rebecca 9:28 PM  

Having an early deadline helps a lot doesn't it? We had to have some ready for visiting family last week but there are some items on my to do list that I nearly forgot about since we won't be seeing some family until after Christmas. Good luck wrapping!

Dreamer 9:40 PM  

My hubby is the same way. He is almost always getting my gift on Christmas Eve (I do the rest of the shopping). He came home tonight and announced that he had my gift! I was literally shocked.

Dayfamilyof4 10:08 PM  

Good for you! I wish I had done the same, I have a few small things to get tomorrow, and I am NOT looking forward to it.

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