Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Love The Yellow Pages!

And I am not talking about the online yellow pages either. No, I mean the old-fashioned, 20 pound book that gets delivered on our front stoop once or twice a year.

When my kids were little babies and needed to be walked around in the middle of the night, I'd grab the yellow pages off the top of the freezer and set it open on the counter. I'd pace with a dozing baby on my shoulder while flipping the pages. It was a perfect fit for those nights - the content wasn't interesting enough to wake me up completely, yet it was enough of a distraction that I wasn't just staring at the ticking hands on the clock.

Eventually, I started to realize that I was thumbing through the yellow pages at other random times, just because I wanted to. If I needed to fill a 5-minute gap while on hold withthe doctor's office or waiting for water to boil, it just seemed like the natural thing to look at. That slowly led to nights spent on the couch flipping through the phone book while watching tv and waiting for my husband to get home from work.

So just what is it about the yellow pages that draws me in so much? I'm not 100% sure. But, I do like reading company slogans and seeing what unusual industries are out there. My favorite part has to be the restaurant section though. I love reading through all of those menus. If a phone book comes into this house that doesn't have a menu section, it gets recycled immediately.

Eric thinks this is the strangest fascination he's ever heard of. He doesn't understand how anyone can enjoy perusing the yellow pages just for fun. When we get a new book, he always jokes that he knows the big plans I have for that night. And actually, he's usually right. (However, I must admit that this hobby has decreased significantly since I began blogging.) I guess it is a little quirky. But I can't possibly be alone in this, can I? Does anyone else do this?

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Michele @ Frugal Granola 11:17 PM  

That is so funny! :) I prefer the dictionary. :)


Christina 11:38 PM  

I had to laugh! I love yellow pages too, though I don't indulge in it quite as recklessly as you do. It takes me FOREVER to look anything up in the phone book, though, because I keep getting waylaid by this, that, or the other. Ad layouts or wordings, unique services, and menus are sure to distract!

Joy @ Five J's 12:22 AM  

I'm with Michele. I can flip through the dictionary for fun. But the Yellow Pages? Can't join you there. Sorry.


I am the same way. I don't do it often but for sure whenever we get a new one....other times too. Of course now where we live we have a teeny tiny book.

The Mangerchine's 10:21 AM  

You are a riot! I don't have the Yellow Pages bug, sorry. During stolen moments I always peruse cookbooks, I can't get enough of them and LOVE to read them, but that's probably not quite so unusual.


Cassie J.,  10:24 AM  

I read my husband's running and biking magazines even though I don't run or bike. HA!

Maybe you should get this booster seat for your fetish! HA!

Jennifer 4:22 PM  

I agree with your husband. I would prefer the dictionary or a random encyclopedia to the yellow pages. I guess if it helped you stay awake then that is good.

~Rhen @yestheyareallmine 10:35 PM  

That is funny. Ya know, I have always enjoyed flipping through our yellow pages as well. Just like to see what is in there.

thediaperdiaries 9:38 AM  

This is tooo funny. I have never really done that, but now I am intrigued :)

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