Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goals For The New Year

I love the idea of a fresh start each year. It's hard to begin the year without both reflecting on the year that is ending and looking forward to the new one.

And I really agree with Toni - resolutions just don't work for me. So I love her idea of sharing our goals for the upcoming year. The thing I like about goals is that they can constantly be re-examined and changed as situations change without any guilt. Personally, I know I will be changing at least a few of these as the year progresses.

  1. Get a family pass to the Y and start swimming laps at least 3 times a week, plus weekly visits to the weight room.
  2. Create a workable blog schedule that leaves me time to visit and comment on all of the blogs that I love so much.
  3. Lose 15 pounds the right way. No gimmicks!
  4. Be consistent when disciplining the kids.
  5. Plan for a long weekend anniversary trip with Eric.
  6. Take more pictures of the whole family.
  7. Spend more time in the Word.
  8. Prepare and eat fish (especially salmon - the kids' favorite) at least twice a month.
  9. Eat breakfast every day.
  10. Broaden our vegetable horizons.
  11. Try (very, very hard) to keep on top of the laundry every day.
  12. Print out some favorite family pictures, frame and create a collage to hang in the living room.
  13. Learn to sew.
  14. Communicate better with Eric by not clamming up when I feel challenged.
  15. Spend more time outside, no matter the weather.
  16. Weed out some of the kids toys and come up with a better organization system for the toy area.
  17. Spend more time reading aloud to the kids.
  18. Finish up projects around the house that have been put off too long.
  19. Plan homeschool lessons for a month at a time instead of weekly.
  20. Focus on being consistent, compassionate and in-control.
Make sure you stop by The Happy Housewife and 5MFM to share your own list of goals for 2009.


creative gal 6:37 AM  

Happy New Year!! Good Luck with your goals for 2009!

Omah's Helping Hands 2:19 PM  

Happy New Year Kate! I have the 2009 New Years Spirit Award awaiting you at my blog. :)

Jessica 3:09 PM  

Good luck...#10 and #11 are on my list, too!

The Happy Housewife 4:50 PM  

When we lived in VA Beach we had a Y membership and loved it! It was so worth the money. We went almost every day!

Lora 5:25 PM  

Great goals, Kate!! I have some floating around in my head--I need to write them down:)

Happy New Year!

Anonymous,  1:36 AM  

Happy New Year! I added my goal list to my blog as well! Check it out sometime! Maybe we can offer encouragement for each other!

Heather @ Not a DIY Life 1:00 PM  

Great list of goals! I'm with ya on not making resolutions - it's too easy to get frustrated and give up.

Best wish for a great 2009!

pam 3:03 PM  

Good luck with your 2009 goals.

Amanda 4:30 PM  

Great list! If you get a pass to the Y and swim regularly, you will lose 15 lbs the right way. I have stopped swimming in the past few years but I used to love it. I loved to swim and I loved how I looked.

The Mangerchine's 5:02 PM  

I've never been a resolution person, or even much of a New Year's Eve or New Year's Day person even though I love traditions and holidays. I like the idea of goals instead of resolutions and being able to re-evalute throughout the year! I'm going to have to tackle a list for myself. I think I'll need to do something similar to your #14, not clam up w/ the hubby when feeling overwhelmed, frustrated or unable to express myself in communication.


Nancy 5:22 PM  

Happy New Year! Sounds like a good set of goals. I made some too; you can find them on my blog if you're interested.

Melissa 10:27 AM  

Happy New Year! I am with you I call mine goals to, if I make them resolutions for some reason I don't keep them:) I will have to post some on my blog to.

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