Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just Wait Until Mom Stops Looking At Us

Sprinkles? What sprinkles? I wasn't eating any sprinkles!

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Amy @ Finer Things 11:53 PM  

Oh my word our kids would have fun together!

kailani 1:22 AM  

I don't blame them. Sprinkles are the best part!

AmyG 8:46 AM  

They are cuties!

Running mommy 8:52 AM  

I love their guilty expressions!

Elizabeth 9:28 AM  

Haha! That's great :)

The Downs Gang 10:36 AM  

at least the sprinkles didnt end up all over the floor in their hair and all over the dog!

TheAngelForever 10:36 AM  

The look on the little guy's face is priceless!

Happy New Year :)

creative gal 1:01 PM  

OK, I love it! Too cute!

Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva 1:58 PM  

Too cute. Your babies are so adorable. I love these pictures.

Sherry 3:00 PM  

LOL! Too cute!

pam 4:52 PM  

Putting the sprinkles on is the best part, after putting the sprinkles in your mouth.

Happy New Year.

Michelle M. 9:55 PM  

That is SO adorable!

A Grammatical Disclaimer

I freely admit to consistently using improper grammar in the following areas:
1. I like run-on sentences.
2. I have a tendency to end sentences with a pronoun. (I really do. I can't help it.)
3. I always seem to use passive voice in my sentences. (See?)

I've been trying to break this habit, unsuccessfully, for years, so now I just accept that as my writing style, and since I'm not writing for grades anymore, I embrace it. (Again, see?)

Hence, I invoke Blogger Artistic License for this blog!

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