Wednesday, December 10, 2008

13 Things on My Kids' Christmas Wish Lists

We are not a materially or commercially-driven family at all. That fact has been made obvious to me the past few days.

First, on Tuesday, Eric brought home a package of Oreos as a rare treat for us. Alex and Olivia had no idea what an Oreo was. Seriously - at 3 and 4 to have never heard of an Oreo? Actually, I was pretty proud once the initial shock wore off.

Then, today the kids made their Christmas wish lists. Isabelle wrote while Alex and Olivia dictated their lists. Gracie did not participate this year. Her list would have included Baby, Mine, and Gay-key (how she says Gracie). There were only 4 brand-name items in all.

Anyhow, here are 13 of the things from their lists.

  1. A toy vacuum (Alex)
  2. A number game (Alex)
  3. A toy train (Alex)
  4. A football (Alex)
  5. A toy angel (Olivia)
  6. A toy donkey (Olivia)
  7. A rainbow striped sweater (Olivia)
  8. A toy chair (Olivia)
  9. A rainbow sweater to match Olivia's (Isabelle)
  10. A science kit (Isabelle)
  11. A joke book - a long one would be nice (Isabelle)
  12. A shirt - for me to wear (Isabelle)
  13. And a bonus 2-in-1 from Alex that did NOT make it on the list, even though he insisted they should be there: poop & pee and everything in the universe. 4 year old boys are so much fun!
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Lora 1:02 AM  

That's a great list, Kate! I'm pretty sure my kiddos have no idea what an Oreo is either (although I'm thinking of splurging on some to make *truffles* this weekend:). Our kiddos never watch any commercial tv (pbs or videos only) so they aren't exposed to all of that and I'm so thankful because there's still plenty they think of for their proverbial lists! ha!

MInTheGap 11:05 AM  

Boys-- they are so amusing! "Everything in the universe" sounds about right!

Terrific list, and they sound like great kids.

Happy T13!

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