Thursday, December 11, 2008

Surving & Thriving Through A Year of Poverty

I'd like to welcome all the visitors from Rocks In My Dryer. I hope you enjoy your visit.

On this blog, I share lots of tips and habits on living simply and frugally that we learned throughout that year. We learned to be happy with less, and that is a lesson we have not forgotten. I hope that shows through in a lot of my posts. (I've also posted a variation of the lentil & rice chili recipe, that I mentioned in my post, here.)

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You can also find me over at Happy To Be At Home and at Cooking During Stolen Moments.

For anyone who hasn't read my "What I'd Like For You To Know" post on surviving and thriving through a year of poverty, you can find it here.


Laura 9:54 AM  

Hey KATE!!!! Awesome post over at Rocks in my Dryer! Love your new site look! Happy to be your friend... :)

Amy 10:38 AM  

Such an inspiring story. Proud of you for letting your life be an inspiration to others, and so so glad to know you!

Sandy Toes 12:00 PM  

Hello..I came over from "Rocks" post brought tears to my eyes...such powerful and inspiring words!
-sandy toes

Tesa 2:13 PM  

Hello. I just finished reading your story over at "Rocks". Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I found myself smiling warmly as I read, because my family has been traveling the same road this year. There were countless times I would stand in the kitchen praying for wisdom about how to make a meal out of the odds and ends left in the cupboard... and to my amazement, EVERY time the Lord brought something to mind that ended up being delicious and filling.
Thank you for sharing your story in a way that will inspire others to know God's goodness even in what the world declares "poverty".

Jennifer 5:51 PM  

Thank you so much for that post. I really admire you and your family. You have many things that I would love to have. Four beautiful children, a family business, and the ability to homeschool. Things that I am striving for, but falling short. Sometimes I think that it is impossible, and that I am not very bright because of the things that I want when everyone is telling me that I need a big TV, and that I need to go on a trip to Hawaii to be happy. What everyone tells me I need isn't what I really want. After reading your post I really look up to you because you have come so far and I am very proud of what you have done in your life. If you are able to go through a situation like that and still thrive, then I can have a little more faith in my family.

Nancy 6:11 PM  

Nice post at Rocks. Love the changes you've made to your site. Nice new look.

Shelley 12:06 PM  

Hi. I came across your blog through your post at RIMD. You have such a refreshing outlook - thank you so much for sharing such personal things with us. I have been encouraged. I tried your Chilli Rice dish this evening, and it is GOOD!!! Will definitely be making it again. Be blessed! Shelley (from Vienna, Austria)

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