Friday, November 07, 2008

Showing & Telling In My Kitchen

Amy at The Finer Things In Life tagged me to show off 7 of my favorite things about my kitchen. I love this idea! I spend a lot of time in my kitchen, so there is much I love about it. Also, I love seeing other peoples kitchens. This will be fun!

Welcome to my kitchen! It may be small, but it is definitely the heart of our home. If the size of this kitchen had to be proportionate to how much time we spend in there, how many memories we create, or how much good food we make, it would be bigger then our whole house. But as it is, it's just exactly the perfect size for our lives at the moment.

Now, let me show you around a bit more.
Eric and I both spend a lot of time standing right at this counter using the laptop. I love having it right there for looking up recipes (or reading blogs, leaving comments, playing on twitter, etc.) and because it means I get to spend more time with Eric while he is doing things for work. The laptop also makes a great picture frame substitute.
Right next to that section of counter space is our sink. I love my view from the sink. On those rare occasions when the kids aren't in the kitchen with me, I can still see them and interact with them. Someday I'll have a kitchen sink with a window above it, but until then, I'll enjoy the landscape of my children.This is the spot in the kitchen where I do most of my cooking. Do you see that Starry Night picture back there? That is actually a cutting board and I just love it! Beauty and functionality all rolled into one - what could be better?
My Kitchen-Aid mixer. 'Nuff said! If I thought it would appreciate them, I think I'd buy it flowers every month.
This is my K.C.C. - Kitchen Control Center. I keep most of my cookbooks on the counter here (or in my baking cabinet just above the microwave). On top of the microwave is where I keep important household papers that I need to do something with. I always keep our calendar there so that I can keep track of our family activities as well as manage Eric's work schedule.
This is a new favorite. The top of my refrigerator. It is actually clean! It hasn't been clutter-free in months, but Eric surprised me by taking care of it a few days ago. Didn't he do a great job? Now the trick will be actually keeping that way. Once December rolls around, I have a few special Christmas decorations that I put up there, so I don't have to long to maintain it's cleanliness.I love the fact that we have a pantry, and I especially love this shelf in my pantry. It always brings a smile to my face.

Okay, so there you have it - 7 things I love about my kitchen. And now for one bonus thing I love:
Back in May we painted our kitchen in anticipation of selling our house. (It used to be a pale greenish shade.) We still have some touch-up and clean-up work to finish. However, I am in no hurry to clean up this paint splatter. Do you see the guy there? This is on the cabinet right next to our stove and that guy and I have many deep conversations while I stir spaghetti sauce or flip pancakes. He's my buddy!

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Amy @ Finer Things 12:19 AM  

I'm jealous of your view from the kitchen sink. Mine is red (which is nice) backsplash. That's my biggest problem with my kitchen... it's "cut off" from the rest of my home.

Love your "paint man." What a hoot!

Delighted Mom 9:00 AM  

Great Kitchen! I will post mine some time next week! :)

Lora 6:38 PM  

Thanks for the tag! I love my kitchen, so this will be fun. I'll post about it soon.

$5 Dinner Mom 10:37 PM  

Thanks! Fun project for this week!

Gayle 4:59 AM  

What a fantastic kitchen. I love it! I hate my kitchen. It's old and gross. We are about to put a temporary kitchen in the garage next to the soon-to-be-built family room. I'll like it better because at least it will be clean!

Sherry 10:13 AM  

Love your kitchen! I showed mine, too! I don't know what I would do without my mixer. :D

The Mangerchine's 5:36 PM  

Love your kitchen! Thanks for the tag, I'll post within the next day or two. I love my Kitchen Aid mixer, but I broke it 2 weeks ago and am debating over whether it is worth it to pay the $34 shipping charge plus cost of repairs once it's shipped right now... I'd love to have it working by Thanksgiving, but it takes 6 weeks just for that whole process!

okay, sorry for the whining, I'm jealous that yours works ;)


Mrs. Organic 12:27 AM  

The paint man is awesome! I love the amount of counter space you have. Thanks for the kitchen tour.

Amy 4:36 PM  

I love your cutting board. And the paint man is really cool too. :)

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