Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Pain In The Wrist

For quite a few years, I haven't had much mobility in my right hand for the first hour or so after waking up. I always just chalked up to possibly very early signs of rheumatoid arthritis, or something similar. I figured it would get worse someday, but until then, it wasn't a problem to live with at all.

Howver, that someday came sooner than expected. A few months ago I started waking up in the morning with painfully numb fingers and hand, as well as crampy pains in my wrist. In the beginning I thought I must have just been sleeping on my hand. After a while I realized that the pain didn't go away as quickly as it should if my hand was just asleep.

I did a few google searches and quickly self-diagnosed carpal tunnel. I know self-diagnosis is a slippery slope and I do not advocate it. However, I had thought it could be carpal tunnel and I was basically checking to see if I was right. Every article I found online recommended a wrist guard.

On Friday morning, we stopped in at a pharmacy and I spoke with the pharmacist and described my symptoms. She agreed that it sounded like carpal tunnel. She said if it wasn't the wrist guard wouldn't hurt anything, but it probably wouldn't help either. She measured my wrist and helped me pick out the proper product.
And you know what? After the past 4 nights of wearing it just while I sleep, I wake up with hardly any pain at all. Plus, I have full mobility of my fingers. It is amazing! I know it is probably not a permanent fix and I'll have to see a doctor at some point, but for now, this wrist guard is definitely working for me!

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Audra Krell 11:54 PM  

Good for you girl! Here's to feel no more pain in the wrist...or anywhere else!

Suzanne 1:17 AM  

right wrist? It's mouse syndrome, from too much blog reading . . .

Blessed Mommy 9:12 AM  

Carpal tunnel can get really bad to the point that you can lose all mobility and strength in that wrist. Definitely get it checked out. Bedsides the wrist guard, there are exercises that can be done. I had moderate to severe in both wrists. I waited so long that wrist guards and exercises did not help. So, I had to get shots in both wrists, left wrist better after second shot, no more problems. But, my right wrist, I had lost the feeling in three of my fingers, severe pain at night, and numbness that did not go away. I had to have surgery. The doctor told me I might not get the feeling back, but after several months, I got back 80% of the feeling back. I have no other problems since then. It has been four years since surgery on right and last shot on left. I guess what I am saying is do not wait to long or surgery might be calling your name too. If caught early, a wrist guard and exercises might be all you need. I hope this is the case for you. Sorry for the long comment, but I do not want anyone else to go through what I went through. Us mothers tend to leave our needs for last. Many blessings.

Julie Bagamary 4:53 PM  

Chiropractor helps me with wrist issues.

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