Sunday, November 09, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - Week of 11/10

I'm planning on finishing up some freezer cooking for the month this week. I'm also going to attempt to get at least one batch of cookie dough in the fridge every day this week.

Eric and I are excited for a date night on Saturday. We will be going to a wonderful restaurant in an old hotel, and we'll be able to use our business trade dollars. That means we'll only need cash for tax and the tip. We are fortunate with these trade dollars and do take advantage of them on occasion to splurge on ourselves in ways that we wouldn't otherwise.

So here's what we'll be eating for the rest of the week.


  • M - Doughnuts
  • T - Banana muffins (x3 for freezer) & smoothies
  • W - Crepes w/ cinnamon apples
  • Th - French toast (x2 for freezer) & sausage
  • F - Cheesy scrambled eggs & leftover biscuits
  • S - Cranberry poppy seed bread & smoothies
  • Su - Muffins from freezer
  • M - Tuna pasta salad & pears
  • T - Quesadillas w/ black bean & pineapple salsa
  • W - Hummus, pita chips (made from homemade pita bread), & celery sticks
  • Th - PB & honey, yogurt, grapes
  • F - Leftovers
  • S - Pizza pockets (x3 for freezer), applesauce
  • Su - Breakfast casserole, oven-fried potatoes
  • M - Black bean & rice wet burritos (x2 for freezer)
  • T - Blackened chicken, cheesy potatoes, green beans (+2 other chicken dishes for freezer)
  • W - Olive stuffed shells (x2 for freezer), breadsticks
  • Th - Unstuffed pepper soup (x2 for freezer), biscuits
  • F - Thai peanut noodles & stir-fry veggies
  • S - E & K date night, Kids - tuna casserole
  • Su - Chicken Francese, garlic spaghetti, sauteed zucchini
Head over to Org Junkie for more Menu Plan Monday.


Spaceofgrace 10:58 PM  

way to go! I do a lot of cooking and freezing too. :) I love my freezer. Its important with 4 kids!!! :)

Lorina 11:26 PM  

Sounds great! All of it. I really should make my breakfasts and lunches too.

(I am now making some doughnuts!)

Amy 12:19 AM  

Your date night sounds wonderful. We're starting to plan our 10th anniversary date WEEKEND. ;-)

Laura 3:27 AM  

Sounds great - I will have to check out your freezer meals.

I included a link on my menu to your site since I am trying your curry chicken crepes this week!!!

Will be watching for lots more ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Nancy 11:10 AM  

Sounds like another yummy week. Olive stuffed shells? Is the filling similar to a tapenade? Enjoy the date night.

Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva 1:55 PM  

Your menu sounds really good this week. I followed the link to see the pizza pockets and I think my boys will have fun making those.

Michelle M. 7:52 PM  

Everything sounds very good. I hope you have a really nice date night. My hubby and I need to do another one of those some time soon!

Sonshine 8:45 AM  

sounds great! enjoy your date night!:)

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