Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Cookie Baking, Round 1 Day 2

I am glad to say that Round 1 of Christmas baking for this year is done! Whew. It feels so good to be done.

I scaled back my plans by one batch today but I still have tons of cookies to take to my family on Thursday. At last count, there were over 26 dozen made.

Eric, the kids and I have had our fair share along the way too. I usually crave something sweet, especially with my nightly coffee. But it's funny...whenever there is a huge surplus of sweets in our house, I crave salt instead. Oh well.

All of today's cookies were more labor-intensive, so even though I made less, I was still in the kitchen for most of the day.

First up were eggnog crescents drizzled with a maple glaze.
Then chocolate-dipped shortbread fingers.

Next I made my favorites - jam thumbprints. These are very similar to my childhood favorites of traditional Polish kolacky that my grandmothers both used to make. But these are not nearly as much work.I made strawberry and apricot jam cookies. The apricot ones are my grandma's favorite, so I packed a whole bag full for her. I finished out the day with chocolate crinkles. I had to hide these almost instantly before the kiddos devoured them all.And now I'm done! At least with the cookies.

Tomorrow I'll make 2 pies, wrap presents, finish laundry, iron clothes, pack clothes, pack miscellaneous stuff, clean the house, trims the kids' hair and give them baths. Anyone notice a trend here? These things have been on my to-do list since last Thursday. I have finally become so adept at procrastinating that I managed to squeeze at least 30 hours worth of work into a 24 hour day. What an accomplishment!


Lora 12:45 AM  

Oh, those look SO good!!

Jennifer 8:09 AM  

You are so creative with your cookies. I have never seen or heard of most of these types. I wish I could make more cookies, but baking just doesn't turn out when you can't use butter or eggs.

Your Frugal Friend, Niki 8:11 AM  

Chocolate crinkles.........mmmmmmmmm!

Every time I look at your blog I add another kind of cookie to my do-to list for Christmas baking!

Judy 8:34 AM  

The cookies all look so yummy.
What a busy day you have today.

5intow 10:10 AM  

My family background is Czech, and I can relate to the kolackys. My grandpa always loved the apricot the best also! My favorite was always cream cheese. Brings back such warm memories.

I wish I enjoyed baking half as much as you do! Such a great memory make with the kids, too.


Sara 10:47 AM  

I love chocolate crinkles - these are on my list for next week!

Niki 6:48 PM  

what a pile of work, I am tired reading this. Good for you on getting this job done. I am sure they all appreciate your hard work. Have a wonderful holiday

Anonymous,  12:06 AM  

looks yum! great job!

AudreyO 12:36 PM  

We've had years where my house smells like sugar for days at a time. Good thing cookies freeze well. Like you, we enjoy making quite an assortment of cookies. My all time favorites are peanut butter cookies with the chocolate kiss in the middle.

Christina 11:54 PM  

Do you have the recipe for the chocolate crinkles on you blog? 'Cause if you do, I'd like it. ; )

Homesteader in Training 7:00 AM  

Oh YUM! The chocolate crinkles are one of our families favorites. You are way ahead of the game lol. They look delicious.

MCC 9:34 PM  

Chocolate crinkles are our family favorite. The girls changed their name to...Phantom Of The Opera cookies...they're so dramatic.

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