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Weekly Wrap-Up October 13-17

This week was pretty routine for us. On Tuesday though, Isabelle and I both woke up with colds. Fortunately, hers only lasted for the day and none of the other kids got sick. I felt much better by Wednesday, but my cough and runny nose have stuck around. Ever since I was a child I've had the tendency of developing bronchitis from any cold of any kind, but that did not happen this time, at least not yet.

Isabelle began her 5th week of fourth grade on Monday. This meant that she had tests in a few of her subjects. These periodic tests are something new that we are doing this year. I felt that since she was getting older and more independent in her work, I needed a good way to judge just how well she was comprehending everything, beyond just her daily work. I have to admit, I have been pleasantly surprised with how much she retains.

Her first test for the week was in Wordly Wise 3000. I just created a 2 page test for her of multiple choice, matching, and a "use this word in a sentence" section. The test was pretty easy to create, although Joy told me that she purchased a Wordly Wise test packet, which would be even easier. However, the homeschooling store where we bought our supplies from did not sell the tests. I think I'll have to look for them next year though.

Mondays are also the days when Isabelle works on Manners Made Easy. This week's lesson was about introducing yourself to other people and included tips on shaking hands. We worked on this lesson with Alex and Olivia also, and it was fun to watch the 3 of them shaking hands and introducing themselves to each other.

Alex and Olivia began week #4 of the Letter of the Week curriculum. We are working through the preparatory curriculum right now, but I think we might start doubling up our weeks so that we can move into the regular program sooner. The preparatory lessons just don't give us enough to fill up our week and by the end of the week, I think Alex and Olivia are starting to get a little bored.

Anyhow, on Monday we discussed the letter D, eyes, and we read the D page in their A Is For Adam book. They also colored an outlined D and the corresponding coloring page from A Is For Adam. We read the Dr. Seuss book, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut and tried walking around with our eyes closed.

Isabelle wasn't feeling great, but she was able to get through all of her school work, by choice. I love seeing how much she is enjoying her work this year. Most days she can't wait to get started. In conjunction with her Mystery of History lesson, she spent researching modern-day Istanbul. I really wanted to play a copy of this song by They Might Be Giants for her, but I couldn't find my CD (to date myself...I got it in high school, sophomore year, and yes, I still could sing the whole thing by memory) and I wasn't feeling well enough to take the time to find it online.

Because of how I was feeling, I curled up on the couch with Alex, Olivia and Gracie and we read some books about fall from the library. Then Alex and Olivia colored a scarecrow picture and a pumpkin patch picture. We called that school for the day.

Isabelle finished one book for her assigned school-related reading time and moved on to the next one in the series. She is reading through The Roman Mysteries series. The writing isn't stellar by any means, but she is really enjoying the books and they are helping her get a real feeling for the time period she is learning about in History.

With Alex and Olivia, we reviewed the letter D and colored some pictures of the number 4. We also sorted out 4 of various things, including cheerios, crackers, counting bears, and books. This little task is way too easy for them, but it's still fun. We also made and named some shapes on their geoboard. Then we read Apples To Oregon, which was such a fun book.

Thursday's are Isabelle's favorite day of school. She makes her timeline figures and does a science experiment/activity. The experiment for this week was to grow crystals with Epsom salts. We'll be watching it and charting the progress for the next ten days.

Alex and Olivia learned about the color blue, which fit in perfectly with the rest of the week since they have blue eyes. We went through the house to point out everything blue that we could find. We also read a poem about eyes, did "head, shoulders, knees and toes" about a dozen times, and drew faces.

After Isabelle was done with school, all 4 kids worked together to make four paper jack-o-lanterns to hang in our front window, one for each child. Isabelle drew and cut out the pumpkins, Alex and Olivia helped me cut out various eyes, noses, and mouths. Then each child got to pick their and place their faces on the pumpkins, and Isabelle helped everybody glue everything down. It was a great cooperative project.


Isabelle had her first Latin test of the year. She has really grasped it this year. We switched curriculums between 3rd and 4th grade and she has learned more from this book already then she did in all of last year. She also was treated to a day off of history. She spent the time making some more fall decorations for the house. She made a really neat paper chain and attached cut-out leaves on each link. It was really cool.

I wrapped up the week with Alex and Olivia by reviewing everything we did this week, and coloring some more pictures. They also worked on some pre-printing practice and some cutting practice. Alex is remarkably adept at using scissors but Olivia is still struggling a bit. I think it might have to do with her chubby little fingers, although I might be entirely off base.

After school, the 3 older kids helped make some more applesauce for apple leather while Gracie napped. They are so in love with this entire process. I know they will be sad when we finish the last of the apples.

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Carrie 11:37 PM  

I was going to use the Letter of the Week curriculum until I found this site I have it linked to the 3-5 year old, which is what we will be using, just watered down for the 2 year olds in our house. It is wonderful!

Kris 1:07 AM  

Oh, I am so there with you on the bronchitis. I got a severe case when I was around 19 or 20 and ever since then I have to be really, really careful not to let simple colds develop into a bad case of bronchitis. I'm glad yours didn't get any worse.

I love Letter of the Week. I used it with Josh and Megan when they were younger and I'm now using it loosly with my niece, who is 4.

Sounds like a great week at your house! And, yay to your dd for doing so well on her first Latin test!

Thanks for participating. I enjoyed your post.

Megan 2:21 PM  

Sounds like a very productive week!

Have a great weekend!

Jennifer 11:31 PM  

It sounds like y'all had a great week! You have some really good ideas.

Judy 9:58 AM  

What a great new meme. I think I might give it a try next week.
I hope you get over the cough soon.

Gist Academy 2:13 AM  

Sounds like a great week, except for the colds ;)

I LOVE They Might be Giants, their new songs for kids are great!

Julie 7:10 AM  

What a great week!! I hope you're feeling better soon. :)

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