Friday, September 26, 2008

When Did My Childhood Dreams Become My Reality

And how did I miss it happening?

I spent hours lost in my imagination when I was growing up. Most of my play revolved around pretending to be a mom or pretending to be a teacher.

I can still clearly remember all of my dolls. Once I moved beyond dolls, I still spent hours daydreaming about what it would be like to have a husband and many kids. (It was always many, sometimes as much as a dozen.) I even remember giving myself a grocery budget and writing out shopping lists. For some reason, there was always a lot of bologna on my lists.

I imagined living in the country, preferably on a farm with horses. To be honest, I still daydream about that. Who knows, the way everything else has fallen into place, maybe that will happen one day too.

I also spent hours playing with my toy kitchen. I loved coming up with different meal ideas. I remember there was always a lot of stirring going on in my toy kitchen. Stirring and dishwashing. I would arrange meals on plates and call my imaginary family to come eat.

In my parent's basement, I had the best pretend schoolroom. My teacher's desk was an old entertainment center. My sister's old roll-top desk was the student's desk. I spent so many hours down there I can close my eyes now and remember everything about it, from the way the chair felt to the posters I had taped to the concrete walls.

And I didn't stop at the teaching either. I can remember many Friday nights watching Full House and Perfect Strangers while writing lesson plans. I loved writing lesson plans and creating tests.

My current life sure sounds an awful lot like my childhood imaginary life. The accuracy is almost uncanny.

But you know what that tells me? This is the life I was meant to life. This is exactly where God would have me, and exactly what His plan for my life has always been.

I would do well to remember that.


Amy 5:43 PM  

I've been meaning to comment on this for a week... awesome post. I think we must have had similar childhoods. My schoolroom, though, was our church basement. Literally. Long story, but it was a REAL classroom (that they used for Sunday school) that we had access to any time during the summer. I held parent/teacher conferences, open houses, etc. My youngest brother and my best friend's little sister were my students. Such precious memories because my brother has sinced passed away.

I'm so glad for you that you are living your dreams, Kate!

A Grammatical Disclaimer

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